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A Isabela Merced we met her as Isabela Moner. She was a child when she did her first Broadway play, and then a teenager when she starred in a Nickelodeon series. Hollywood was the immediate step with a film from the “Transformers” saga and a ‘live action’ version of the famous “Dora, the Explorer”. Today, … Read more

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According to the criteria of Know more One of the news from the entertainment world that had the most impact in the country this year has been that Peru is Rise of the Beasts location, the new installment of the “Transformers” saga. Tarapoto and Cusco are some of the cities that will be seen in … Read more

Isabela Merced injects 2020 with flavor and freshness with her Latin rhythm

The musical career of Isabela Merced She may be young, but she has already shown that she has everything to succeed. Isabela grew up in the television and film forums, with projects such as 100 Things to Do Before High School (2014) and Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), in addition to that in 2012, when … Read more

Batgirl: Isabela Merced and Zoey Deutch among the candidates to play Barbara Gordon in her film

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According to the criteria of Know more Recently, Isabela Merced, the Peruvian-American actress who in 2017 participated in the film “Transformers: The Last Knight“And now starring in” Sweet Girl “from the hand of Netflix, said in dialogue with El Comercio, feeling happy for the recording of the new film “Transformers” in the cities of Cusco … Read more