COVID-19 mixed with flu increases risk of severe illness and death

Journal Reference: Maaike C Swets, Clark D Russell, Ewen M Harrison, Annemarie B Docherty, Nazir Lone, Michelle Girvan, Hayley E Hardwick, Leonardus G Visser, Peter J M Openshaw, Geert H Groeneveld, Malcolm G Semple, J Kenneth Baillie. SARS-CoV-2 co-infection with influenza viruses, respiratory syncytial virus, or adenoviruses. The Lancet, 2022; DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(22)00383-X Patients with co-infection … Read more

Untangling mixed (neural) signals

Journal Reference: Uday K. Jagadisan, Neeraj J. Gandhi. Population temporal structure supplements the rate code during sensorimotor transformations. Current Biology, 2022; DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2022.01.015 But how these neurons communicate in between seeing and acting is a complex — and important — consideration. New research led by the Cognition and Sensorimotor Integration Lab at the University of … Read more

Carraro gold and 4×50 mixed with the world championship, fairytale Lamberti, Quadarella silver

Carraro gold and 4x50 mixed with the world championship fairytale

At the European Championships in short course in Kazan, still medals for Italy: even the Quadarella is silver in the 800s Stefano Arcobelli @sarcobelli November 3 – Milano More medals for Italy in swimming at the European short course championships in Kazan, Russia. After 4 o’clock on the first day, 2 golds arrive – one … Read more

World Cup: Sewing the fastest in the 400 mixed. Benny is already third with Mora. De Tullio in the final in the 400 sl, Razzetti in the final in the 200 butterfly and mixed. Third fast relay. Ceccon and Scalia on their backs and Martinenghi on a frog are also advancing

World Cup Sewing the fastest in the 400 mixed Benny

The short course World Championships in Abu Dhabi started like all the great events with the 400 freestyle men: Marco De Tullio scored the qualification in 3’39 “53, not far from the personal of 3’38” 80 but with the thrill of last useful time. Tonight the 2000 driver from Bari will have to push a … Read more

In Abu Dhabi it is the day of Quadarella and Panziera. And watch out for the mixed quartet …

In Abu Dhabi it is the day of Quadarella and

In the afternoon (live Rai Sport) the world champion will swim the final of the 800, the Venetian the 200 backstroke. In the 4×50 driven by Pilato we start with the fourth time At the Short Course World Championships in Abu Dhabi, it’s the day of Simona Quadarella and Margherita Panziera. The world champion of … Read more

Short Course World Cup: Golden Revolt. Bronze for the Quadarella and the mixed mixed relay

Short Course World Cup Golden Revolt Bronze for the Quadarella

Matteo swims in 48 “87, breaking the series of four consecutive golds of Le Clos. Super Simo climbs to the lowest step of the podium in the 800 sl by our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli December 18 – Milano At the short course World Championships in Abu Dhabi, magnificent Revolt, Italy and the butterfly of wonders: … Read more

Miressi and 4×100 mixed gold, Martinenghi silver! Paltrinieri loses medal and record

Miressi and 4x100 mixed gold Martinenghi silver Paltrinieri loses medal

Wonderful the Turin in the 100 sl: victory and Italian primacy. Then he does an encore in the relay with Mora, Rivolta and Martinenghi. Nicolò in the 50 frog beaten by only 2 cents. Greg is fourth and passes the world record in the 1500s to Wellbrock. Italy finishes 3rd with 16 medals (5 golds, … Read more

Isl – Riot, a record-breaking dolphin: 48 ″ 64. Mora winning back, Rocket in the mixed. The ex aequo of Tete and Scozzoli and the relays with Miressi on target. Castiglioni almost… King, Ciampi second. And Di Liddo and Fede third. Centurions: first class night

Isl Riot a record breaking dolphin 48 ″ 64 Mora

Matteo Rivolta The last round of the semifinals of the ISL, the World Swimming Championships in Eindhoven, begins in the name of Matteo Rivolta, who carves out an evening at Dressel, crushing the Italian record of the 100 butterfly by 90 cents. A great progress from 49 “64 made in Eindhoven on 12 August 2017 … Read more