Halo Infinite, multiplayer is a beautiful dance

Halo Infinite multiplayer is a beautiful dance

After years of military shooters, Halo Infinite is the headshot FPS needed. Let’s delve into the more tactical aspects of the game. It’s a question of timing. In most modern online shooters, the winner is decided based on who sees the other first. Take aim, pull the trigger and see the enemy go down. Seconds … Read more

Halo Infinite multiplayer, 8 tips to master the game

Halo Infinite multiplayer 8 tips to master the game

The tricks to play it on the new Halo for PC and Xbox consoles, and not be afraid of anyone or any mode. Microsoft has surprisingly launched the beta of the multiplayer in Halo Infinite, effectively canceling the commitments of millions of players throughout the week (and beyond). As far as we have been able … Read more