‘Only Murders in the Building’: the melancholic satire on a mysterious murder in Manhattan

VALENCIA. Charles (Steve Martin) is a former television star. For decades he was Detective Brazzos for the small screen. He is now a lonely and melancholic retiree. Oliver (Martin Short), He was a successful Broadway director, until a theater stage collapsed and his career was ruined. Since then he has been bankrupt. Finally, there is … Read more

The keys to the end of the season of ‘Only murders in the building’, the “happy place” of the year

The first season of ‘Only murders in the building’ has closed by tying up almost all the ends of its mystery and enhancing the humor and the relationship between its three protagonists. There has been the key to its success, although there have been other points in the Disney + series that are worth highlighting. … Read more

Only Murders In The Building

There are few occasions in which the buildings in which series or movies are set have become one more “character” of their plots. It happened with The Dakota in “Rosemary’s Baby”; the Bradbury Building in “Blade Runner”; the Stanley Hotel from “The Shining”; and today with the Belnord from “Only Murders in the Building”. The … Read more

Only Murders in the Building | Top reviews, reviews and ratings

It is true that programs based on real crimes are not new, before the arrival of streaming, television channels such as Discovery Channel already presented serials about unsolved cases. Now that online entertainment platforms have become popular, the so-called “true crime” has enjoyed good health. On Netflix, for example, every week we find some miniseries … Read more

‘Only murders in the building’, a serial treasure that no one expected to find

We are in September 2021. It was not in my television plans that the public fell in love with a comedy created by Steve Martin, who had not signed a movie or series script for a decade (since The pink panther 2 in 2009), nor did he expect an artistic alliance between the actor of … Read more

Unlike Her ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Character, Selena Gomez Says She’s ‘Terrible’ at Solving Crimes

Sometimes, an actor in a show or a film will have skills similar to their character. Tom Cruise is well known for doing his own stunts, Keanu Reeves regularly practices martial arts, and Margot Robbie is an adept gymnast and even learned some pretty advanced figure skating. However, most of the time, an actor showing … Read more

Who is Cinda Channing in “There are only murders in the building”?

If you’ve been stuck with Hulu’s new murder comedy series Just Murders in the Building like I have, then you already know how much Mable, Oliver, and Charles are supportive of Cinda Channing’s Everything’s Not Right in Oklahoma podcast. I mean his obsession with true crime is the glue that unwittingly brought the trio together … Read more

Since your cheating, what has Jada Pinkett and Will Smith’s relationship been like?

Agencies / The Voice of Michoacán USA. WIll y Jada Pinkett Smith They are one of the most fascinating couples in Hollywood. Not only are they masters of their craft, but they also have a beautiful family that includes: Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, and Will’s son from a previous marriage, Willard “Trey” Smith III. The … Read more