New Batmobile emerges as a retro muscle car in trailer

The Batman movie’s latest trailer has given enough sneak peek into the new Batmobile patrolling Gotham City in the latest from Warner Bros. Pictures. It appeared in a chase sequence, leaping through balls of fire, and give us a hint of what the design of the Batman’s new ride will look like. Similar Cars Maruti … Read more

Chris Hemsworth and his essential functional movements for gaining muscle

Chris Hemsworth he must be in good shape as part of his job, he is an action hero and if he wants to remain one he has to maintain his strength, muscle mass, stamina and agility (because those stunts and tricks are not going to be solved with CGI alone). As part of your process, … Read more

Miles Teller and the Top Gun: Maverick routine to gain a lot of muscle

A Miles Teller we all remember them as the music student who is so obsessed with becoming the best drummer, who accepts the abuse and put-downs of a tyrannical teacher in Whiplash, the movie of Damien Chazelle which won 3 of the 5 nominations for the 2015 Oscars. Before that, Teller had already appeared in … Read more

Helen Mirren holds the key to aging without muscle pain

Helen Mirren is a living legend of the big screen. From her West End Shakespearean roles to her Oscar-winning performance as Queen Elizabeth II, she has even been featured in the Fast & Furious saga. Mirren doesn’t have to do a lot of stunts to keep up with Vin Diesel’s gang, she’s still healthy thanks … Read more

Dwayne Johnson’s demanding diet, the Rock, to gain muscle

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