Neural network model helps predict site-specific impacts of earthquakes

Journal Reference: Da Pan, Hiroyuki Miura, Tatsuo Kanno, Michiko Shigefuji, Tetsuo Abiru. Deep-Neural-Network-Based Estimation of Site Amplification Factor from Microtremor H/V Spectral Ratio. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 2022; DOI: 10.1785/0120210300 A new study by researchers from Hiroshima University published on April 5 in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America introduced … Read more

Ukrainian defending heroes in Mariupol using a network of steel mill tunnels to stage their last stand against the Russians – Reuters News in France and abroad

Ukrainian defending heroes in Mariupol using a network of steel

The HERO Ukrainians defending Mariupol use tunnels under a steelworks to stage one last stand against the Russians. Vladimir Putin’s forces have besieged the southern port since the early days of the war, with much of it reduced to rubble by constant air and artillery bombardment. Troops from the Ukrainian 36th Marine Brigade and the … Read more

Twitter: Activision (Microsoft), Bungie (Sony), Elden Ring… Which event shook the social network the most in 2022?

Twitter Activision Microsoft Bungie Sony Elden Ring… Which event shook

Game News Twitter: Activision (Microsoft), Bungie (Sony), Elden Ring… Which event shook the social network the most in 2022? Published on 07/04/2022 at 19:57 The month of April follows its course and, with it, a new quarter comes to life: the ideal opportunity to take stock of this first quarter of the year 2022. For … Read more

Rational neural network advances machine-human discovery

Journal Reference: Nicolas Boullé, Christopher J. Earls, Alex Townsend. Data-driven discovery of Green’s functions with human-understandable deep learning. Scientific Reports, 2022; 12 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-08745-5 “Since Newton wrote down calculus, we have been deriving calculus equations called differential equations to model physical phenomena,” said Townsend, associate professor of mathematics in the College of Arts and … Read more

Deep neural network to find hidden turbulent motion on the sun

Journal Reference: Ryohtaroh T. Ishikawa, Motoki Nakata, Yukio Katsukawa, Youhei Masada, Tino L. Riethmüller. Multi-scale deep learning for estimating horizontal velocity fields on the solar surface. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2022; 658: A142 DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/202141743 The Sun is important to the Sustainable Development Goal of Affordable and Clean Energy, both as the source of solar power … Read more

‘Queen of Hallmark Movies’ talks about her 30th movie for the network, debuting Saturday

Queen of Hallmark Movies talks about her 30th movie for

Having 30 Hallmark movies to her name, Lacey Chabert – known for her roles on “Party of Five” and “Mean Girls” – has been called the “Queen of Hallmark Movies,” something the actress takes as a compliment. “The first one I did was ‘Elevator Girl’ (2010). Now, I just completed my 30th movie. I never … Read more

Network Movie will weiter wachsen. Verzerrt das den Wettbewerb? –

Network Movie will weiter wachsen Verzerrt das den Wettbewerb

Fast könnte man meinen, die Pandemie habe gar nicht stattgefunden, wenn man auf die Produktionspläne von Network Movie schaut. Von Widrigkeiten weitgehend unbeeindruckt, hat die ZDF-Enterprises-Tochter ihren Wachstumskurs über die vergangenen zwei Jahre fortgesetzt. Wurden im Vor-Corona-Jahr 2019 noch fünf Serien und 20 Filme gedreht, so stieg der Output 2020 auf zehn Serien und 22 … Read more

ALS development could be triggered by loss of network connections in the spinal cord

Journal Reference: Ilary Allodi, Roser Montañana-Rosell, Raghavendra Selvan, Peter Löw, Ole Kiehn. Locomotor deficits in a mouse model of ALS are paralleled by loss of V1-interneuron connections onto fast motor neurons. Nature Communications, 2021; 12 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-23224-7 Now, researchers from the University of Copenhagen have gained new insights about ALS, by investigating the early … Read more

I’m waiting for the ethics committee, the head of the judges believes Příhoda that none of the current judges is stuck in the wiretapping network –

Im waiting for the ethics committee the head of the

“It simply came to our notice then that we would be affected by the covid and some concerns. The start of the league spring is in sight, “he reminded that the highest domestic football competition will start in two weeks. Therefore, the Prague seminar, physical checks of the judges, tests of the rules. And also … Read more

Urubó Golf’s underground electricity network will be in charge of “ESE” electromechanical services | DUTY

Urubo Golfs underground electricity network will be in charge of

With an approximate investment of US $ 5 million, the Urubó Golf urbanization will carry out the installation of its underground electricity network that will allow residents of the residential area and the Country Club to have a modern, safe and innovative electrical wiring in the country. “ESE” Servicios Electromecánicos SRL will be the company … Read more