Justin Lin Had ‘Multiple Meetings’ Over Broken Nose Nod to Brian

“F9” features the brief return of FBI agent Michael Stasiak featuring a very broken nose. On the film’s commentary, director Justin Lin says that was a purposeful nod to Brian (Paul Walker). “It was a really fun nod to his relationship and the connection to Brian O’Conner,” said Lin. Loading Something is loading. One of … Read more

San Antonio brothel and outlaw hideout, a tie to West Side history, gets a nod as historic landmark

A site that was once a brothel run by famous madam Fannie Porter, an orphanage and a day care serving immigrants and the working poor in the primarily Mexican American “Laredito” neighborhood, could be designated a historic landmark. That would hamper plans by the owner, a company linked to Douglas W. Miller II of the … Read more

Jeff Goldblum confirms his most famous line on Independence Day is a nod to Jurassic Park

Jeff Goldblum is a longtime Hollywood actor and fans are always happy to hear about him. One of his most famous films is, without a doubt, Independence Day – 60%, a piece that celebrates July 4 and also includes one of the most famous lines in the actor’s career. During an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment … Read more