Kaley Cuoco, excited after her first Golden Globe nomination

Although everyone remembers Kaley Cuoco for her mythical role as Penny in The Big Bang theory, the actress has shown that she has known how to leave this stage of her life behind and set course for other professional projects. A twist he carried out aboard a plane, specifically the one in the series The … Read more

Can Aaron Tveit Lose Despite Being the Only Nomination In His Category?

This year’s Tony Awards has one surprising nomination where only one actor has been honored in thier category. Aaron Tveit is the only actor nominated for Best Leading Actor in a Musical. The American Theater Wing gave him the nod for his performance in Broadway‘s Moulin Rouge! The Musical where he plays the role of … Read more

Respect for Jennifer Hudson: How the actress overcame tragedy to cherish the Oscar nomination | Celebrities, Vips

“You know you’re going to win an Oscar for playing me, right?” As if it were another part of her will, Aretha Franklin wanted to guarantee before her death the only person worthy of continuing her legacy, even if only in fiction. And it was so clear that the chosen one was Jennifer Hudson that … Read more

Does Taron Egerton deserve an Oscar nomination for ‘Rocketman’?

During the 80s and 90s, many studios tried to achieve success at the box office thanks to different biopics about great figures of music. On ‘Bird’, Forest Whitaker played saxophonist Charlie Parker; in ‘Amadeus’ the supposed rivalry between the composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri was explored; and in ‘The Doors’, Val Kilmer brought … Read more