Mascots of the Winter Olympics. Bing Dwen Dwen reigns Beijing –

Mascots of the Winter Olympics Bing Dwen Dwen reigns Beijing

The first official mascot of the Olympic Games in 1972 was the dachshund Waldi, who was the face of the Summer Olympics in Munich. However, the historical championship among mascots is symbolically held by a man on Schuss skis from 1968. Shot – ZOH Grenoble (Francie) 1968 A skiing man named Schuss was the first … Read more

Lollobrigida: “More balance after marriage. To amaze at the Olympics”

Lollobrigida More balance after marriage To amaze at the Olympics

The 30-year-old from Rome after her two World Cup successes in three days: “I train, I go home, I do the washing machines and I leave” Two victories in Olympic competitions in three days (3000 and Mass Start) in the last stage of the World Cup valid for qualifying for the Games, in the noble … Read more

Leon Bristedt dreams of the Beijing Olympics: “Keeps fingers crossed”

Leon Bristedt dreams of the Beijing Olympics Keeps fingers crossed

GOTHENBURG. Leon Bristedt plays in one of SHL’s absolute best chains with center Adam Tambellini and forward colleague Dennis Everberg. All three are eligible to go to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing. – I keep my fingers crossed, says the 26-year-old Rögle forward. On Friday, January 21, the national team captain Johan Garpenlöv takes … Read more

Alpine skiing: Schmidhofer writes off the Olympics

Alpine skiing Schmidhofer writes off the Olympics

Schmidhofer was already at the spectacular and steep start of the Kälberloch descent when her inner concerns became too great. “I just didn’t feel ready,” she said on ORF and addressed physical problems. “The last few weeks have been difficult,” said the 32-year-old. During the inspection everything was still okay. “It would have been perfect … Read more

The fraud alert before the Olympics – warns after the reports from Falun

The fraud alert before the Olympics warns after the

Valla fraud in Falun is reminiscent of a risk ahead of the Olympics. Fi’s competition director Pierre Mignerey does not rule out the use of illicit ramparts during the championship. – It is an uncomfortable situation, he says. The Scandinavian Cup was decided in Falun this weekend, but the aftermath has not ended. After the … Read more

Erban will not be at the Olympics! It must be a big disappointment for her, admits the coach of hockey players Pacina –

Erban will not be at the Olympics It must be

In November, she was present when the Czech hockey players in Chomutov managed the Olympic qualification and, after the triumphs over Norky, Polka and Hungary, secured their participation in the five-round tournament for the first time. But Erban won’t look at Beijing. From the successful “Chomutov team” there is no place left for the defender … Read more

Björgen on Calling to the Olympics: “Understand that there will be discussions”

Bjorgen on Calling to the Olympics Understand that there will

Published: Less than 20 minutes ago Charlotte Kalla’s Olympic selection has been questioned. Marit Björgen is now entering the debate on whether it was right to send the 34-year-old to Beijing. – I understand that there will be discussions, says the Norwegian ski queen – who is also doubtful that the Olympics will even be … Read more

Taekwondo, Crescenzi: “I like Ibra. The Olympics? I’ll be ready”

Taekwondo Crescenzi I like Ibra The Olympics Ill be ready

The 19-year-old from Terracina, blue tip, has grit and determination to sell. A great Juventus fan, he looks at the Swede with admiration: “He is a legend, I hope one day to be able to meet him and train together” Chiara Soldi @thatsamoney_ June 13 – 18:32 – Milano Turning your passion into a job … Read more

De Giorgi: “This Italy is still hungry, the project is aimed at the Olympics”

De Giorgi This Italy is still hungry the project is

The Italian coach looks to the year that has just begun, after the surprising victory of the European Championship in 2021 Gian Luca Pasini @GianLucaPasini January 2 – Milano All in 12 months from the closure of the relationship with Lube Civitanova until the triumph in the national team at the European championship. So many … Read more