movies to celebrate with mom on her day

Brand Studio para Flow There are many programs and outings to celebrate Mother’s Day, but there are not nothing better than having a good home plan too: a great movie, popcorn, comfort, and the desire to share a relaxed moment with the best possible company. On Flow, luckily, there are many titles that adapt perfectly … Read more

Michael Douglas and Christoph Waltz will play them in a series

Michael Douglas will play Ronald Regan and Christoph Waltz will play Mikhail Gorbachev in a series that will narrate the meeting they held in 1986 in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, for pput an end to the arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union. The series will be called Reagan & Gorbachov … Read more

The scare at Disney when they first saw Jack Sparrow

With The Curse of the Black Pearl, one of the most important franchises for Disney in recent years was born. At the height of productions such as Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it was one of those that managed to install itself within the machinery of the mouse company and continue with … Read more

celebrity couples who bet on open relationships

Open couples exist in Hollywood too. For different reasons, throughout this time there were actors and actresses who ended up saying out loud – or suggesting – that they bet on polyamory. Let’s look at some examples. Scarlett Johansson was one of the pioneers in the 21st century in leaving the door open to the … Read more

the man who had in his basement a jewel that inspired the movie

A pair of friends collide with a “no”, two, three, ten times. He ignores, he hears a refusal again, he continues offering a project with a certain unconsciousness and ends up giving a lesson in perseverance: 44 rejections before success. That’s the big (well-known) story behind the eighties tank Return to the future. But there … Read more

Carnage released has the best theatrical start of the entire pandemic

The movie Venom: Carnage released, by Marvel, and with Tom Hardy as the protagonist, it became the highest-grossing film premiere in Argentina since the pandemic began a year and a half ago. Sequel to the film released in 2019, it was seen from Thursday to Sunday by 250,512 viewers, leaving the animated film far behind. … Read more

the disorder that Dr Frome suffered in real life and that will be part of season 3

Expectations for the third season New Amsterdam, the series that is all the rage on Netflix, grow and become one of the points of interest for those who are up to date with the development of this fiction about doctors created by David Schulner. With the new chapters available in the United States, the revelations … Read more

The drastic change of look of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in The Last Duel

The movie The last duel is shaping up to be a firm candidate in the next Oscars… for best makeup. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, two of its four main stars, look very different in Ridley Scott’s new film. Adam Driver and Jodie Comer, the other two of the quartet, are more like the characters … Read more

Three series to marathon in the remainder of an XL weekend with rain forecast

With a forecast of rain and some cold for the remainder of the long weekend, the time will be ideal to dedicate yourself to marathon series. Go here a recommendation of three of the best exponents of different genres (dramatic comedy, police, drama) of today, on three different platforms. 1) Sex Education Sex Education Available … Read more