Student who paid thousands for education benefits from free training as Polk State Metallica Scholar

Posted on Friday, September 24, 2021 by Polk Newsroom Hillary Castillo paid nearly $38,000 for her former education and training when the expense became too much and caused her to drop out of school. Today, she is on a fast track to a high-paying, rewarding career in machining as a Polk State Metallica Scholar and … Read more

The unlikely success of Melissa McCarthy: how the actress who nobody wanted to dress ended up being the highest paid in Hollywood | Celebrities, Vips

“Bride of America”. That is the qualification that the American film press has given for decades to those actresses who managed to dazzle critics and audiences with their charm and talent. From Mary Pickford to Jennifer Lawrence, through Doris Day, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston, there have been numerous interpreters who have entered … Read more

‘The Terminal List’, the Amazon series that has made Chris Pratt the highest paid on television

This production based on the hit book of the same name features Antoine Fuqua (‘Training Day’) behind the scenes Chris Pratt in ‘Tomorrow’s War’ (Source: Amazon Prime Video) We recently heard the news: Chris Pratt rose to the throne of the highest paid actors in the television world this 2021. Neither more nor less than … Read more

Get Paid $1300 To Watch 13 Horror Movies By Maine’s Stephen King

Do you love a good scare? The fright of your life? Or, maybe you’re not a fan of any horror flick because you are the jumpy type? No matter which category you fall into, $1300 could be yours, but only if you are willing to watch 13 Horror Films before Halloween of 2021. Stephen King’s … Read more

Keanu Reeves’ ‘The Matrix’ Co-Star Had Liposuction For the Movie and the Studio Never Paid Him Back

The Matrix set a precedent for Hollywood actors training in martial arts. After Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Laurence Fishburne did it, Matt Damon trained for The Bourne Identity, the Charlie’s Angels did it, Uma Thurman did it for Kill Bill, and more. The leads of The Matrix built on their physiques. Some of their … Read more