Dwayne Johnson is the father of three girls: the most beautiful moments with his daughters

Phillip Faraone vía Getty Before becoming an internationally famous movie actor, Dwayne Johnson began his career as a WWE professional wrestler. He is very reserved with his personal life; however, there is a part that he reveals as he is: his role as a father. In total he has three daughters, but Tiana and Jasmine … Read more

Marie Claire | Joshua Jackson: “We have to keep reviewing who we put to the top of power”

Sports idol, intelligent, seductive, attractive and promise (later “self-fulfilling”) of future eminence in medicine. So it could have been quickly described Christopher Duntsch in his college years, well before his coronation as star surgeon and physician from Dallas, Texas, and long before its definitive conversion into the Dr Death (Dr Death), nickname with which he … Read more

Comedian Rob Corddry’s ABCs of Being a Good Father

Sloane and Marlo are the daughters of Rob Corrdry, American comedian and fellow adventurer of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the series Ballers. They are 12 and 10 years old, respectively, and although no one asked them if they actually have the best dad in the world, Rob claims to have found the key to … Read more