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Lewis G. Wilson, Robert Lowery, Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck. They are all named after actors who have donned the pointy-eared cape and mask to become the ‘knight of the night’. With the premiere of “The Batman“In March 2022 they will be joined by another name, that of … Read more

DC FanDome LIVE and ONLINE: time, where to see and all the details of the most important event of DC Comics | Henry Cavill | Superman | Aquaman | The Batman | Robert Pattinson | Dwayne Johnson | Shazam | Black Adam | Gal Gadot | Warner Bros | United States | USA | USA | LIGHTS

The wait is over soon. The most important event in DC Comics, the DC Fandome, takes place this October 16 and Warner Bros will reveal all the news about the comics, television series, video games and movies of this universe. SIGHT: Can DC beat Marvel? Fandome is your golden opportunity to do it So far, … Read more

Robert Pattinson gifted the Safdie brothers a Japanese toilet

There are few filmmakers with the same cultural pertinence in contemporary cinema as the Safdie brothers, displaying wild, frenzied electricity in every film they create. Together with their 21st-century masterpiece Uncut Gems and 2017s Good Time, the directors have curated a niche corner of American cinema, inspired by the likes of Martin Scorsese and the … Read more

Christopher Nolan praises Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves’ work on the Batman

The next Dark Knight movie is getting closer and closer and fans are still very much on the lookout for any news that Warner Bros. may offer. If there is a character that can be renewed and offer us different with each generation, it is Batman, Christopher Nolan is very aware of it and that … Read more

Robert Pattinson, Jason Momoa and the full list of guests to the event

DC FanDome 2021: Robert Pattinson, Jason Momoa and the full list of guests to the event There is less and less for the DC FanDome, an event organized by DC and Warner Bros. that shows us fantastic advances of the products that will soon reach the public. Through social networks, the long-awaited official guest list … Read more

How Robert Pattinson Felt Wearing The Batman Costume

Robert Pattinson opens up about the “strange” and “special” feelings of donning The Batman costume for Matt Reeves’ long-awaited DC project. Robert Pattinson opens up about the “strange” and “special” feelings of donning The Batman costume for Matt Reeves’ long-awaited DC project. The film is set in the early days of the titular hero’s crime-fighting … Read more

Robert Pattinson, Dwayne Johnson and all the DC FanDome guests

Time flies by (insert sigh). It seems like yesterday that the 2020 DC FanDome was announced. where they would announce some first or new previews of the most anticipated films for the end of that year (another sigh) and 2021 as Wonder Woman 1984 O The Suicide Squad. Both films, as we know, have already … Read more

Robert Pattinson, from earning 25 million for a movie to being one of the lowest paid superheroes (with trick) | ICON

Robert Pattinson with the Batman suit, a devilish and spectacular invention that forced the actors who have given him life to spend hours and hours without being able to relieve themselves.Photo: Cordon Robert Pattinson is, despite himself, an icon millennial Since in 2008, at the age of 22, he starred in the most popular teenage … Read more

how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get along after their infidelity fight

Netflix Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart starred in a media couple that ended in an infidelity scandal. How are the actors currently getting along? By Nicolas Franciulli 17-02-2021 – 19:33hs UTC Who© GETTYHow was the relationship between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart after their fight for infidelity Twilight came to the Netflix screen … Read more

‘High Life’ Is A Mesmerizing Sci-Fi Film In Which A Despairing Robert Pattinson Learns To Love Again

There’s a line of voice-over narration that I think helps to unlock “High Life,” the great French filmmaker Claire Denis’ mesmerizing, occasionally inscrutable foray into science fiction. The picture takes place on a prison ship rocketing out of our solar system toward a black hole, where death row inmates have volunteered as guinea pigs for … Read more