Urgent warning over ‘sextortion’ scams targeting boys online as cops say teen killed himself after paying blackmailers – Reuters News in France and abroad

Urgent warning over sextortion scams targeting boys online as cops

The FBI has issued an urgent warning over sextortion scams just weeks after a teenager killed himself after paying off blackmailers. The country’s authorities are now warning parents against the Internet program that targets teenagers. Jordan John DeMay killed himself in March after being the victim of a sextortion scamCredit: DeMay Family Her family shared … Read more

Consideration! Brain scans can tell if you are paying it

Journal Reference: Kwangsun Yoo, Monica D. Rosenberg, Young Hye Kwon, Qi Lin, Emily W. Avery, Dustin Sheinost, R. Todd Constable, Marvin M. Chun. A brain-based general measure of attention. Nature Human Behaviour, 2022; DOI: 10.1038/s41562-022-01301-1 Using a model of fMRI data collected from 92 individuals performing several types of attention-related tasks, the lab of Yale’s … Read more

Who is Latifi, the “paying driver” who decided the Verstappen-Hamilton challenge

Who is Latifi the paying driver who decided the Verstappen Hamilton

Canadian with a mother of Italian origins, son of a food magnate, he earned F1 thanks to a second place in F2 in 2019 and a millionaire “dowry” proposed to Williams in 2020 It ended, as often happens in these cases, with a curious mix of insults and thanks on Instagram. What was not predictable, … Read more