Super Cup, the final will be Milan-Juventus. The bianconere make it to penalties

Super Cup the final will be Milan Juventus The bianconere make

Sassuolo beaten by the spot leaves the field in tears. Ganz’s Rossonere had avenged the defeat in the final of the last Italian Cup: it ends 2-1 Marco Calabresi January 5th – Milano The final of the Italian Super Cup will be Milan-Juventus after the ticket snatched from the penalties by the bianconere. In Latina, … Read more

Possible vaccination penalties: Vaccination refusals could even threaten to lose their driving license

Possible vaccination penalties Vaccination refusals could even threaten to lose

RTL> December 01, 2021 – 10:19 am clock Majority for compulsory vaccination Things are getting tight for the unvaccinated. The pressure is increasing every day! Because the vaccination rate in Germany is still relatively low, compulsory vaccination is now required from all sides: Doctors, politicians, employers’ associations are in favor of it. Otherwise you will … Read more