Actress Judi Dench receives Masters of Cinema award from Queen Letizia | People | Entertainment

The award to the 86-year-old veteran actress recognizes her long film career, which began in 1964. EFE August 1, 2021 – 7:31 pm The Queen Letizia from Spain has made this Sunday the first appearance of his summer stay in Palma with the delivery to the actress Judi Dench, who has played British queens on … Read more

Elizabeth Banks, the Hollywood blonde who became a feminist director | People

More information Elizabeth Banks is still an actress. But now she stands out more for her work as a director, producer and screenwriter. Bet on works in which women are not puppets, sexualized objects and mere companions of the male protagonist. Projects in which they show their leadership, independence and also ability to make the … Read more

‘People Will See Me Tense Up’

An Emmy Awards favorite, Anya Taylor-Joy charmed audiences with her performance in The Queen’s Gambit. Before landing the breakout role in the TV series, she had quite a run in the horror genre as Thomasin in 2015’s The Witch, and as Casey in Split. Taylor-Joy may have a penchant for thrillers and scary stuff on … Read more

‘Our Kind of People’ Season 1: Release date and spoilers for Fox’s powerful drama

FOX is ready to drop a brand new drama featuring some of the best Black artists and my oh my, does it look good! ‘ Our Kind of People’  is shown to be set in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts with the series following the life of single mother Angela Vaughn as she begins the journey of … Read more

Colin Firth’s wife reaches an agreement with her lover not to reveal intimate details | People

More information Livia Firth, wife of British actor Colin Firth, has dropped the harassment charges against her ex-lover, thus preventing the details of their love affair from being revealed. Maiden Livia Giuggioli, 48, reported Marco Brancaccia to the police after he allegedly sent her a compromising photo of her when she ended their relationship. “The … Read more

Kristen Stewart, from ‘Twilight’ to play Princess Diana | People

Spencer, this is the title of the new film that is being shot about Princess Diana of England, a character that remains alive in memory and, due to the proliferation of series and films that choose her as the protagonist, a character that continues to be profitable for the film industry. However, on this occasion, … Read more

Still waiting in the wings: Why women and people of colour remain sidelined in Canadian film and TV

It was the year 1990, and at age eight, Shonna Foster was already decades ahead of her time, starring in a short film written and directed by Black Canadian director, Annmarie Morais. Titled Gone a Foreign, the film showcased Foster as the lead character playing a young girl who immigrated from Jamaica to live with … Read more

Ashton Kutcher, the actor who succeeds in business despite the advice of Mila Kunis | People

Some statements made last Thursday by the actress Mila Kunis about her husband, also the actor Ashton Kutcher, have brought back to the present who every day is further away from Hollywood and closer to Silicon Valley. Kutcher has practically disappeared from the big screen and in recent years he has been known mainly for … Read more

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson, three years of relationship and a new house of more than 10 million | People

When in 2017 it became known that Chris Martin —Coldplay singer— and Dakota Johnson —the actress who was in full swing due to the impact of the film Fifty Shades of Grey– They were dating, hardly anyone gave much of their relationship. Martin had been what is known as a good boy, a virgin until … Read more