10 things you did not know about the phenomenon that revolutionized horror movies

MADRID, Jan 29 (CulturaOcio) – With a budget of less than $ 25,000, Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez wrote, directed and edited one of the most successful independent films never shot: The Blair Witch Project. Narrated as a mockumentary, the film released in 1999 became a viral phenomenon even then, when the Internet was taking … Read more

About the phenomenon of ‘The Kingdom’, five series on the B-side of religion

“I write fiction. And fiction is a lie. It can be a plausible lie or not, entertaining or not, that opens debates in society or not. But always a lie ”. With those words, the writer Claudia Piñeiro explained what apparently needs no explanation: the fictional pact. The screenwriter and one of the creators of … Read more

Touchstone and Beyond: A History of Disney’s “Phenomenon”

Blockbusters come in all shapes and sizes like Disney’s current success, Jungle Cruise. Sometimes blockbusters can be unexpected, like 1996’s Phenomenon. This surprise hit was another victory for the John Travolta comeback, and a benefit to Walt Disney Pictures coffers. The Plot It’s a happy time for George Malley. The affable mechanic turns 37, and … Read more