Goggia receives the flag from Mattarella: “I’m here also thanks to his phone call”

Goggia receives the flag from Mattarella Im here also thanks

At the Quirinale the President of the Republic awarded the Italian flag to the Italian skier and the Paralympic Bertagnolli: “This year we have denied the cliché that Italians are undisciplined, we have been creative and we have won. Now continue to go beyond your limits” It was a particular ceremony that took place this … Read more

Why people snub their friends with their phone

Journal Reference: Juhyung Sun, Jennifer A. Samp. ‘Phubbing is happening to you’: examining predictors and effects of phubbing behaviour in friendships. Behaviour & Information Technology, 2021; 1 DOI: 10.1080/0144929X.2021.1943711 While it may be commonplace, snubbing one’s friends (Fphubbing) can have serious repercussions on relationships, and there are a variety of factors that may drive individuals … Read more

Nibali between the future and road safety: “Protect your bikes and stop driving while on the phone!”

Nibali between the future and road safety Protect your bikes

The cyclist returned to Astana in Rome for the ACSI conference: “The Giro? The president of the Region let slip something about the four stages in Sicily, I’d be happy”. And on the new coach Bennati: “For years we riders had imagined him in that role” From the battle for the safety of those who … Read more