What If Makes Mordo’s Doctor Strange Plan Even Sillier

Mordo believes in the natural order of things in Doctor Strange, but Marvel’s What If…? episode 8 makes his plan look incredibly silly. Warning: This article contains spoilers for What If…? episode 8. Mordo believes in the natural order of things in Doctor Strange, and Marvel’s What If…? just showed why that’s incredibly silly. What … Read more

Sam Heughan and Sophie Skelton’s special plan out of ‘Outlander’

‘Outlander‘ the filming of its sixth season has already finished which means that there is much less left for us to see what may be the most anticipated season of the series to date. And it is that, it will be a long time since the fifth installment ended and the sixth installment is released … Read more

ICONIQ Motors & Supercar Manufacturer W Motors Plan to Reinvent the Passenger Experience with the Sleek, Luxurious and Fully-Electric Seven ‘Smart Passenger Vehicle’ – FutureCar.com – nonenglishfeed

author: Eric Walz    The ICONIQ Seven smart passenger vehicle. What do you get when you infuse a high-end electric passenger vehicle with the DNA of a luxury hypercar? The result is a luxury electric passenger van unlike any other vehicles on the market today. In a symbiotic partnership across products and geographies, NASDAQ Dubai CSD-listed … Read more

Camilla Cabello Leads Leonardo DiCaprio, Dozens Of A-listers Calling On Google, Amazon, Fox, Netflix, Disney & More To Demand Congress Support Biden’s Climate Plan

As Democratic leadership tries to unite its progressive and moderate wings, a group of 80-plus artists, celebrities and activists called on the leaders of Google, Disney, Amazon, Fox, Facebook and more to urge Congress to support President Biden’s Biden’s Build Back Better plan. Boldfaced signatories to the group letter included J.J. Abrams, Greg Berlanti, Cate … Read more

What Is Ultron Vision’s Plan With the Infinity Stones?

Marvel‘s newest Disney+ show has brought Marvel Cinematic Universe characters together from across the multiverse. The premise of What If…? is all in the title. What if one small thing was different in the lives of Earth’s mightiest heroes? From there, the writers went wild and produced interesting stories that all fans are raving about. … Read more

Sixers Tease Plan at Point Guard After Ben Simmons No-Shows

Getty Tyrese Maxey will likely step into the starting point guard spot unless Ben Simmons returns. The Philadelphia 76ers won’t have to look far to find a replacement point guard. The team already has an in-house candidate in mind, a name that shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone following the Ben Simmons’s drama. The two … Read more

Eternals Star & James Gunn Plan GOTG Crossover in Funny Tweets

Eternals star, Kumail Nanjiani, and writer/director, James Gunn, discuss a Guardians of the Galaxy crossover in a series of funny tweets. Eternals star, Kumail Nanjiani, and writer/director James Gunn discuss a Guardians of the Galaxy crossover in a series of funny tweets. Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy set a precedent for implementing an obscure cast … Read more

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Plan to Spend the Holidays Together

Barcroft MediaGetty Images Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are serious serious, and they’re ready for the next step in their second whirlwind romance. “They plan on spending the holidays together and also taking some solo trips,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “They want to be together all of the time, so their next big things … Read more