The WNBA chooses the best player in its history: the argument of Diana Taurasi and other great four candidates | Mexico

The WNBA has been leading the way for professional women’s sports in America for 25 years and in this very important anniversary season has decided to honor its history. It does this not only by presenting the list of the 25 best players in its history, but also by opening a vote for fans to … Read more

Ready Player Two synopsis confirmed and Ready Player One star Tye Sheridan wants to make sequel

The popular science fiction story is closer than ever to continuing. Ready Player Two, the sequel to the bestseller Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, presented his synopsis and several other details that had been kept secret until the announcement at the recent edition of New York Comic Con (via Screen Rant). The first book, … Read more

Did you know that actor Kurt Russell was a great minor league player?

Every day you learn something new, and if you like Kurt Russell movies, you will love this story. On many occasions, cinema and baseball have gone hand in hand with numerous cinematographic films focused on the sport of diamond. However, despite this we have never witnessed a baseball movie in which Russell is the main … Read more

Robert Duvall, a passionate tango player in Hollywood

With a career spanning seven decades, Oscar winner and owner of one of the most common faces in modern cinema, Robert Duvall arrives the 90 years having lived a life of cinema. Without children but married four times, this actor of unparalleled talent has been part of the cinephile culture for several generations, infecting us … Read more