New Mutants will have an LGBT relationship between two protagonists

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Celebrities who came out as adults: Jim Parsons, Jodie Foster, Lalo Spain

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Celebrities Who Hated Their Characters’ Costumes: Scarlett Johansson and Kit Harington Are Some

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Hollywood actors and actresses who hated the role that brought them world fame

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Celebrities Who Will Never Act In Superhero Movies Again: Kevin Spacey, TJ Miller

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10 celebrity couples who met while filming a series and fell in love

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What became of the original cast of Rebelde in 2021? Alfonso Herrera won the Ariel for best actor

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What is pansexuality? Celebrities who identify as pansexual

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images | Amy Sussman / Getty Images Human sexuality is fluid, so there are various sexual orientations and one of them is pansexuality. Many people mistake it for bisexuality, but they are different. According to the LGBTQ + youth organization, Minus18, bisexuality is being attracted to one or more genders, … Read more

Gina Carano, James Gunn and other celebrities fired over controversies

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Artist Darky Artist drew Disney princesses and princes in their realistic version

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