Breaking News – British Psychological Thriller “Hollington Drive” Debuts in the US Exclusively on Sundance Now

BRITISH PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER “HOLLINGTON DRIVE” DEBUTS IN THE US EXCLUSIVELY ON SUNDANCE NOW Four-Part Hit Series Premieres on Thursday, November 18 New Episodes to Debut Weekly Five Stars: “This gripping psychological drama is simply unmissable” – Daily Mail “It’s an incredibly intriguing mystery, no doubt about it. Indeed, Hollington Drive feels like a nightmarish blend … Read more

Also released: Spine-chilling psychological horror The Night House and animated spin-off PAW Patrol: The Movie

The Night House: Sarah Goldberg as ClaireTHE NIGHT HOUSE (Cert 15, 107 mins, streaming from October 27 exclusively on Disney+, Horror/Thriller/Romance) Starring: Rebecca Hall, Sarah Goldberg, Evan Jonigkeit, Vondie Curtis Hall. SCHOOLTEACHER Beth (Rebecca Hall) is devastated when her architect husband Owen (Evan Jonigkeit) takes his own life with a handgun while sitting in a … Read more

Why ‘psychological horror’ is the ultimate scary movie genre

Psychological horrors terrify us. Not with jump scares and gore, but by seeping deep into our dark and twisted insides. As the audience, we are left not exactly spooked. More like utterly unnerved. It’s a form of storytelling that inspires so much creative layering and nuance, that even those who are normally horror averse can … Read more

‘Last Night in Soho’ (2021) review: a hulking psychological thriller

Ever since a whopping seventeen years ago I discovered the colossal ‘Shaun of the Dead’ at a screening in my hometown film library, I have followed Edgar Wright’s filmography with devotion; traveling back to delight me with his magnificent sitcom ‘Spaced’, savoring every frame of his Cornetto Trilogy, falling in love with his brilliant adaptation of ‘Scott Pilgrim Against the World’ and wiggling my feet to the relentless beat of ‘Baby Driver’.

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Halloween: 10 psychological horror movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video | Psychological horror movies | nnda nnlt | FAME

What are psychological horror movies? The celebration of Halloween is one of the most widespread traditions not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. Debated but always popular, October 31 is a great time to watch horror tapes that are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. MORE INFORMATION: … Read more

The keys to the success of “Guilty” and other psychological thrillers where a call catches the viewer from the first minute

As much as streaming monopolizes the wide tastes that exist in the world, not all movies manage to hold on to the top for a long time. Some even do not appear as trends. Culpable, directed by Antoine Fuqua and headed by Jake Gyllenhaal, has been occupying spaces among the most viewed for several days. … Read more

‘The Squid Game’: How HoYeon Jung went from the catwalks to being the queen of a psychological experiment | Present

“Because I?”. That was the first thought that conquered the head of HoYeon Jung, one of the top models most important roles in the fashion industry, when she learned that the starring role of The Squid Game it was his. The doubt did not arise from a kind of clairvoyance about the global phenomenon in … Read more

What are the best psychological thrillers in streaming? Check HERE the best series and movies

Films Check out the selection of the best psychological series and movies that you can enjoy on the different platforms. Free time© Prime VideoMeet the best psychological thrillers of streaming Streaming platforms became essential for many people during this year and a half of the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course because both in Chile and in … Read more

Dashcam Trailer Reveals New Psychological Thriller Starring Larry Fessenden

Dashcam is a look into one editor’s journey into solving a crime from behind his computer. The film, which dropped its official trailer earlier this week, is a terrifying glimpse into discovering the truth and the toll it can take on those behind the scenes, particularly when it is something thrown on their plate without … Read more

Alex Wolff assures that The Devil’s Legacy left him psychological havoc with which he still lives

Despite the fact that the horror genre is one of the most acclaimed by the audience worldwide, in reality there are few productions that are satisfactory. Most of them have sinned with the unjustified use of sound effects, lighting and a myriad of clichés that little by little are generating less fear because of how … Read more