Quarantine, tampons and asymptomatic: this is how the emergency rules change. But there are those who say no – Open

Quarantine tampons and asymptomatic this is how the emergency rules

Distinguish between symptomatic and asymptomatic positives in the count of infections and hospitalizations. Reduce the duration of the quarantine for those who are well. Discard the swab test for the end of isolation. The revolution of the emergency bulletin Coronavirus it is based on three well-defined points and the Regions are asking for it. And … Read more

Covid, new ‘ASL-limit’ rules: stop with 35% of positives and soft quarantine

Covid new ASL limit rules stop with 35 of positives and

An agreement was found for the Government draft after the summit with Coni and the Medical-Sports Federation: we stop with 12 cases in the team group, but without Primavera: tomorrow the League will have to change the protocol Valerio Piccioni January 12 – Milano Smoke (almost) white for the new rules that will reduce the … Read more