We quit our jobs to convert the train from Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express into a tearoom – nonenglishfeed

In early 2019, Bassenthwaite Lake Station in Cumbria was in ruins and Di and Simon Parums were working regular nine to five jobs in health and safety. Fast forward two years and the pair have given up their jobs, having almost entirely restored the station to its former glory – and there’s a rather large … Read more

Why Did ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ Star Ross Malinger Quit Acting? – nonenglishfeed

Acting careers take off at any age, as any celebrity can tell you. The talent and ability can be developed or be unique to a role or individual. Sometimes child stars can break out and become huge adult superstars, other times, they choose a different path. Ross Malinger played in Sleepless in Seattle as Tom … Read more