Daniel Radcliffe acknowledges that he will not play Harry Potter again

At this point we are not telling you any secrets if we tell you that Harry Potter it is the most famous saga of all time. The Adventures of the Magician Boy, by the writer JK Rowling not only turned an entire generation into readers, but also dragged children and adults into a magical world … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe leaves magic in the Miracle Workers series

In the first season of “Miracle Workers”, Steve Buscemi he played God, who had grown weary of the world and had made the decision to destroy it. Daniel Radcliffe and Geraldine Viswanathan They were two angels who had the confidence to be able to save humanity and they convinced their boss to give them the … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe reconciles with Harry Potter during confinement | People

Despite the problems caused by the fame acquired by playing Harry Potter as a child, Daniel Radcliffe, now 30 years old, has reconciled with his past and has agreed to read chapters from the first book of the saga with other celebrities youth: harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. JK Rowling, author of the adventures … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe could be Harry Potter again | Spoiler

If there is a saga of films that managed to remain in the collective memory over the years marking different generations, that was undoubtedly Harry Potter. The story of the most famous magician in the world was starred by Daniel Radcliffe, who also featured Emma Watson as her best friend, Hermione Granger, and Rupert Grint … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe apologizes for JK Rowling’s transphobic comments

Daniel Radcliffe said he is “deeply sorry for any pain caused” by the comments from JK Rowling about transgender people. Consequently, the author is being singled out as transphobic. But Daniel, being aware of his position and influence, decided to make his position clear on the matter. “Transgender women are women. Any statement to the … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe and his style lessons to dress with class

Daniel Radcliffe He is one of our favorite British style icons. Since the man hung up the Harry Potter mantle, he has become the master of independent cinema, in addition to adopting a rather unique style that keeps him as a special actor on the scene. If anything can define the radcliffe style (ideal for … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe said his favorite Harry Potter movie is ‘Order of the Phoenix’ because he got to act with Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman starred as Sirius Black in the “Harry Potter” movies. Warner Bros. Pictures Daniel Radcliffe worked with Gary Oldman in four “Harry Potter” movies in total. They most prominently worked together in “Prisoner of Azkaban” and “Order of the Phoenix.” Radcliffe has a long-standing admiration for Oldman and said his presence improved his performances. … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe confirms if he will be in the Harry Potter series | Spoiler

There is no doubt that Harry Potter It was one of the best literary sagas, garnering thousands of fans around the world. Although, his followers increased when, in 2001, Warner Bross released the first film based on the books by JK Rowling, thus starting one of the best franchises never seen before. With Daniel Radcliffe … Read more