Woody Harrelson, one of Hollywood’s “rebels”, turns 60

US actor Woody Harrelson in 2010 in Beverly Hills. Star of ‘Natural born killers’ (1994) and participant in ‘Indecent proposal’ (1993) or ‘Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri’ (2017), Woody Harrelson will always be remembered for that carefree and sly young man who wore much the weight of ‘Cheers’, the most popular television series of the … Read more

Doom Patrol; antiheroes and rebels, their time has come!

MEXICO CITY. SBeing a misfit is in fashion … in the world of superheroes, of course. Didn’t the boys from The Suicide Squad with Bloodsport, the man who pierced Superman’s shoulder with a kryptonite bullet; the ravenous King Shark, the cute Ratcatcher II and the traumatized Polka-Dot-Man, than many other classic DC heroes? It is … Read more

The enigma John Boyega: the latest twist of a star who rebels against Hollywood

Star Wars changed John Boyega’s life forever. His role as Finn, the former stormtrooper who ends up wielding a lightsaber and fighting the First Order alongside Han Solo and Chewbacca, would be one of the main axes of the trilogy that Lucasfilm shaped between 2015 and 2019, once the company was already under Disney ownership. … Read more