Perseverance records the first ever sounds from Mars

Journal Reference: S. Maurice, B. Chide, N. Murdoch, R. D. Lorenz, D. Mimoun, R. C. Wiens, A. Stott, X. Jacob, T. Bertrand, F. Montmessin, N. L. Lanza, C. Alvarez-Llamas, S. M. Angel, M. Aung, J. Balaram, O. Beyssac, A. Cousin, G. Delory, O. Forni, T. Fouchet, O. Gasnault, H. Grip, M. Hecht, J. Hoffman, J. … Read more

Elden Ring: the speedrun records start again, a new mind-blowing time!

Elden Ring the speedrun records start again a new mind blowing

Game News Elden Ring: the speedrun records start again, a new mind-blowing time! Published on 03/28/2022 at 18:39 About ten days ago, the community of FromSoftware game speedrunners, and more particularly of Elden Ring, welcomed the arrival of a new patch with great bitterness. The reason ? A series of modifications that questioned their strategies … Read more

Samsung crushes the competition and breaks all records in 2021

Samsung crushes the competition and breaks all records in 2021

News hardware Samsung crushes the competition and breaks all records in 2021 Published on 07/02/2022 at 12:06 From 4K TV to wireless vacuum cleaner, via smartphones or microwaves, it’s hard to miss the Samsung ogre. Present in all areas of high-tech or household appliances, the Korean giant recently published its financial results for 2021, and … Read more

Rafa’s lesson, Berrettini’s records and Sinner’s growth: what the Australian Open leaves us

Rafas lesson Berrettinis records and Sinners growth what the Australian

Nadal’s undertaking beyond the difficulties, Matteo continues to write history, and Jannik restarts from the Top 10 Let’s face it, such an exhilarating finish was the minimum to repay the fans for the hardest efforts of the longest Australian Open ever. Very long because the alarms in the middle of the night or before dawn … Read more

Benetton Treviso on the hunt for records in the Urc: against Ulster for the third win in a row

Benetton Treviso on the hunt for records in the Urc

Coach Bortolami’s team has never struck more than two successes in a row in this competition. To accomplish the feat, on Friday he will have to storm the Kingspan fort, raided by the Venetians only once in 2011 Benetton Treviso starts again from three. In 11 seasons of the Urc-United Rugby Championship he has never … Read more

The Nba Christmas menu: 5 races and LeBron aiming for Kobe records

The Nba Christmas menu 5 races and LeBron aiming for

From New York-Atlanta at 6pm to Utah-Dallas which closes at 7am: all on the most important day of the regular season Say hello to relatives, thank your friends, put the gifts aside: we start at 6pm. Despite the grip of Covid and the over 100 players in the protocol, the NBA is ready for the … Read more

Denver flies with Jokic’s records. LaVine rekindles the Bulls

Denver flies with Jokics records LaVine rekindles the Bulls

The Serbian over 25 points, 20 rebounds and 5 assists for the second match in a row, a feat that he last succeeded in Barkley 33 years ago. Hits for San Antonio and Oklahoma City Davide Piasentini @. December 27 – Milano Denver wins in Los Angeles with a legendary Nikola Jokic, who becomes the … Read more

Brady-Tampa: spells and records. Dallas Mortgage Division

Brady Tampa spells and records Dallas Mortgage Division

Tom wins the 700th touchdown which is worth the extra victory against Buffalo. The Cowboys move to Washington in the direct confrontation of the NFC East. Cleveland troubles Baltimore Brady designs yet another magical finale, Dallas mortgages the Division, Cleveland wrecks Baltimore. These are the photographs of the 14th Sunday NFL, the day will be … Read more

Hamilton is celebrating his birthday. The race for records will continue in 2022

Hamilton is celebrating his birthday The race for records will

The silence of the world champion puts pressure on the FIA. But with Wolff and the team there is constant contact Lewis Hamilton’s silence is making more noise every day. It is a total absence that goes on from that damned (for him) Sunday 12 December that saw the Englishman mocked by Max Verstappen on … Read more

Belinelli records, but victory and primacy are in Milan

Belinelli records but victory and primacy are in Milan

Basketball restarts with a spot match: duels, mistakes and feats like the triple of the NBA champion that forces Armani into overtime. Venice surpasses Naples The AX Milano toasts the new year, tames the Segafredo after an overtime and keeps the lead in the standings, 102-99. Race of the many absent that however gives emotions … Read more