Researchers identify biomarker for melancholy, antidepressant response

Journal Reference: Steven D. Targum, Jeffrey Schappi, Athanasia Koutsouris, Runa Bhaumik, Mark H. Rapaport, Natalie Rasgon, Mark M. Rasenick. A novel peripheral biomarker for depression and antidepressant response. Molecular Psychiatry, 2022; DOI: 10.1038/s41380-021-01399-1 Published in a new proof of concept study, researchers led by Mark Rasenick, University of Illinois Chicago distinguished professor of physiology and … Read more

Harvard researchers: Multiple sclerosis is a late sequel to a viral infection

Harvard researchers Multiple sclerosis is a late sequel to a scaled

RTL> January 14, 2022 – 10:30 am Clock The Epstein-Barr herpes virus has long been suspected of being one of the main triggers for the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis. Now a new study from the USA provides more solid evidence for this research thesis. The scientific community is enthusiastic, multiple sclerosis experts from Germany describe … Read more

Researchers say it’s time to clean up the US Clean Water Act

Journal Reference: Robin M. Rotman, Ashley A. Hollis, and Kathleen M. Trauth. Realigning the Clean Water Act: Comprehensive Treatment of Nonpoint Source Pollution. Ecology Law Quarterly, 2021 DOI: 10.15779/Z38X34MS6D While the Clean Water Act successfully regulated many obvious causes of pollution, such as the dumping of wastewater, it’s done less to limit more diffuse types … Read more

Researchers develop speedy, highly accurate test to detect viruses

Journal Reference: Abraham Vázquez-Guardado, Freya Mehta, Beatriz Jimenez, Aritra Biswas, Keval Ray, Aliyah Baksh, Sang Lee, Nileshi Saraf, Sudipta Seal, Debashis Chanda. DNA-Modified Plasmonic Sensor for the Direct Detection of Virus Biomarkers from the Blood. Nano Letters, 2021; 21 (18): 7505 DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.1c01609 The optical sensor uses nanotechnology to accurately identify viruses in seconds from … Read more

Researchers develop proof-of-concept treatment that elevates adult and fetal hemoglobin

Journal Reference: Silvia Pires Lourenco, Danuta Jarocha, Valentina Ghiaccio, Amaliris Guerra, Osheiza Abdulmalik, Ping La, Alexandra Zezulin, Kim Smith-Whitley, Janet L. Kwiatkowski, Virginia Guzikowski, Yukio Nakamura, Tobias Raabe, Laura Breda, Stefano Rivella. Inclusion of a shRNA targeting BCL11A into a β-globin expressing vector allows concurrent synthesis of curative adult and fetal hemoglobin. Haematologica, 2021; DOI: … Read more

As LA traffic slowed amid the pandemic, researchers gained new insight into air pollution

Journal Reference: Hansen Cao, Daven K. Henze, Karen Cady-Pereira, Brian C. McDonald, Colin Harkins, Kang Sun, Kevin W. Bowman, Tzung-May Fu, Muhammad O. Nawaz. COVID-19 Lockdowns Afford the First Satellite-Based Confirmation That Vehicles Are an Under-recognized Source of Urban NH3 Pollution in Los Angeles. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 2021; DOI: 10.1021/acs.estlett.1c00730 A team of … Read more

Researchers unlock biogeographical secrets of deep-sea limpets

Journal Reference: Ting Xu, Yan Wang, Jin Sun, Chong Chen, Hiromi Kayama Watanabe, Junlin Chen, Pei-Yuan Qian, Jian-Wen Qiu. Hidden Historical Habitat-Linked Population Divergence and Contemporary Gene Flow of a Deep-Sea Patellogastropod Limpet. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2021; DOI: 10.1093/molbev/msab278 The discoveries of deep-sea hydrothermal vents in the late 1970s and hydrocarbon seeps in the … Read more

Researchers develop model for treating HIV/AIDS, depression

Journal Reference: Steven A. Safren, Conall O’Cleirigh, Lena S. Andersen, Jessica F. Magidson, Jasper S. Lee, Sierra A. Bainter, Nicholas Musinguzi, Jane Simoni, Ashraf Kagee, John A. Joska. Treating depression and improving adherence in HIV care with task‐shared cognitive behavioural therapy in Khayelitsha, South Africa: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of the International AIDS Society, … Read more

Chemical researchers invent bio-petroleum for sustainable materials

Journal Reference: Zhen Q. Wang, Heng Song, Edward J. Koleski, Noritaka Hara, Dae Sung Park, Gaurav Kumar, Yejin Min, Paul J. Dauenhauer, Michelle C. Y. Chang. A dual cellular–heterogeneous catalyst strategy for the production of olefins from glucose. Nature Chemistry, 2021; 13 (12): 1178 DOI: 10.1038/s41557-021-00820-0 These renewable liquids could serve as a more sustainable … Read more

Researchers light the way for organic glow-in-the-dark materials

Journal Reference: Kazuya Jinnai, Ryota Kabe, Zesen Lin, Chihaya Adachi. Organic long-persistent luminescence stimulated by visible light in p-type systems based on organic photoredox catalyst dopants. Nature Materials, 2021; DOI: 10.1038/s41563-021-01150-9 “Not only are organic materials much more available and easier to work with than inorganic materials but they are also soluble, which has the … Read more