How Colossal sold investors on a quest to resurrect a woolly mammoth – TechCrunch

There are a growing number of companies interested in CRISPR’s potential to upend medicine. It’s probably safe to say there’s only one company interested in using the gene-editing system to create a living, breathing woolly mammoth. Or, at least, something pretty close to it. That’s the primary mission of a new company called Colossal. Co-founded … Read more

Suicide Squad comics reveal how dead movie characters resurr…

(MENAFN – BreezyScroll) The ultimate solution to how dead movie characters resurrect in the Suicide Squad movie is out in the Suicide Squad comic. Both Suicide Squad films had a high body count. In Suicide Squad #7, out today in print and digital, the comic book counterparts of the films travel to Hell—and readers find … Read more