World Cup: only Michele Lamberti in the final. Rivolta and Razzetti are back, Castiglioni second disqualification

World Cup only Michele Lamberti in the final Rivolta and

The Italy of the World Championships in short course in the morning also starts again at full speed thanks to the award-winning company Miressi, Zazzeri, Frigo and the new entry Deplano. The first half of the 4×50 sl heats prefigures another medal (our expedition with 2 gold from the butterfly, Razzetti & Rivolta, is already … Read more

Isl: Ceccon and Rivolta win, Razzetti mockery, Pellegrini fifth in the 200

Isl Ceccon and Rivolta win Razzetti mockery Pellegrini fifth in

The hundred freestyle are Australians in the second stage of the Isl, the World Swimming Championships, taking place in the swimming pool of the Dutch Tarzan Pieter Van den Hoogenband in Eindhoven. Emma McKeon honors Olympic gold by claiming the queen specialty in 51 “28 (24” 69 the pass). The Australian inflicts 57 cents to … Read more

Isl, Rivolta and Razzetti from record. Pellegrini third with the relay

Isl Rivolta and Razzetti from record Pellegrini third with the

The Milanese cancels the old record of 49 ”54 achieved in 2017 in Eindhoven. The Genoese cancels Ceccon. Martinenghi also wins I start with a bang for the swimming blues in the Isl playoffs in Eindhoven in the short course. Matteo Rivolta prints the Italian record in the 100 butterfly and celebrates his 30th birthday … Read more

Pellegrini, what a heart: second! Carraro and Rivolta triumph, Shymanov sets a world record

Pellegrini what a heart second Carraro and Rivolta triumph Shymanov

Martina wins the 100 breaststroke, Matteo the 50 butterfly. Federica is behind only Haughey. The Belarusian files 2 cents to his old record In Eindhoven (Holland), for the second day of the third stage of the ISL playoff, the World Championships in short course swimming, there are still fireworks in the water. Carraro and Shymanovich … Read more