Harry Potter Director Reveals Robin Williams Wanted To Play Professor Lupin

Harry Potter director Chris Columbus reveals Robin Williams approached him about playing Remus Lupin, the role that went to David Thewlis. Harry Potter director Chris Columbus reveals that Robin Williams wanted to play the role of Professor Lupin. Starting with J.K. Rowling’s books as their source material, the first two Harry Potter films, subtitled The Sorcerer’s … Read more

PEOPLE – Robin Williams, the eternal Hollywood smile

On the day that Robin Williams passed away, Hollywood lost one of its most endearing smiles and one of its comedians, with the same amount of talent for drama, more great. Beloved and recognized for his acting career, his sympathy and his solidarity, he would have turned 70 on July 21. Actor Robin Williams, acclaimed … Read more

George Clooney admits he completely screwed up playing Batman in 1997’s Batman & Robin

George Clooney admits he completely screwed up playing Batman in 1997’s Batman & Robin By Brian Gallagher For Dailymail.com Published: 01:34 EDT, 14 October 2021 | Updated: 01:55 EDT, 14 October 2021 George Clooney is reflecting once again on his failed turn as the iconic superhero Batman in the 1997 movie Batman & Robin. The … Read more

A great gesture by Robin Williams was unveiled with the Jumanji boys

The movie Jumanji it premiered in 1995 and became a huge hit. However, behind the camera it was not all happiness. Bradley Pierce, the child star of the film, recounted that Robin Williams intervened to defend him from the producers, who wanted to save $ 100,000 in exchange for extending the working hours of underage … Read more

Robin Williams’ widow and her final version of the actor’s death

It has been almost seven years since Robin Williams decided to kill himself (it was August 11, 2014). The actor’s autopsy revealed that you were in the last stage of a disease called Lewy body dementia, a neurodegenerative disorder that extends throughout the brain and that turned his last months into an “ordeal”, as revealed … Read more

Robin Wright on how House Of Cards prepared her to make film directing debut

Robin Wright has said she resonated with a story about “human resilience” as she was looking for her first film to direct. The House Of Cards star, 55, plays a woman dealing with life-altering loss and grief who decides to remove herself from society to embark on a solitary existence living off-grid in the remote … Read more

Robin Wright: ‘Random shootings became almost the norm – I kept wondering how these people get through that trauma’

Last time we saw Robin Wright, she was cleaning up a right old mess in the White House and saving the final season of House of Cards from disaster following Kevin Spacey’s cancelling. (As we speak, he’s mooching back into the limelight.) right’s portrayal of ice cool and possibly sociopathic first lady Claire Underwood was … Read more

From Danny De Vito to Robin Williams: list of actors who could be the Doc in Back to the Future

On 1985, the first part of the film saga Return to the future came into our lives to mark a before and after. The initial installment of the trilogy – which was completed last year 35 years– changed the way of conceiving travels in the time; and the elements that Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale … Read more

“I’m not me anymore”: the last days of Robin Williams, a genius who was breaking inside | ICON

Can you imagine the pain he must have felt when he realized that his mind was disintegrating? And also due to something unknown, “says Susan Schneider Williams, Robin Williams’ widow, in the new documentary that narrates the last months of his life, Robin’s Wish, directed by Tylor Norwood. On the morning of August 11, 2014 … Read more

Robin Williams’ son marries and vindicates his father after his suicide | People

Zak Williams, the eldest son of Robin Williams and his first wife Valerie Velardi married his fiancee Olivia June last Saturday and chose to do so on a day that he pursued to signify a declaration of intent and a tribute to his father: the world day of Mental health. “I had the great joy … Read more