Hammerle on…“Luca,” “F9: The Fast Saga” and “Black Widow”

“Luca” While “Luca” will likely not rank as your favorite Pixar film, it sits near the top. It tells the story of Luca, a tiny sea monster that becomes human when leaving the water. Let me start with the film’s splendid cinematography. Though an animated film, it brings to life the Amalfi Coast on the … Read more

F9: The Fast Saga Review

Sometimes a movie series should just know when to give up. Evidently the people behind the Fast and Furious franchise did not get this memo, as they keep on making these movies, and it gets more ridiculous with every single outing. This movie, as with the others, is plagued with lazy writing, stupid script lines, … Read more

23 “Twilight” Saga Behind-The-Scenes Facts That’ll Make You Love This Bonkers Franchise Even More

1.Taylor Lautner was almost recast for New Moon. Studio execs wanted to cast Michael Copon, and they prematurely stated that he’d play the “new Jacob.” Summit Entertainment, Jason Merritt / Getty Images 2.In Breaking Dawn — Part 2, they originally planned for Renesmee to be played by an animatronic, but director Bill Condon thought it … Read more

Transvestite women and 5 other goofs from the ‘Mortal Kombat’ saga – movie news

Disappearing mud, sex-changing stuntmen, and some continuity errors camouflaged in popular video game-inspired movies. The three movies inspired by the video game Mortal Kombat – Mortal Kombat (1995), Mortal Kombat: Annihilation 1997 and Mortal Kombat (2021) – they can give a lot of play if they are observed with the sharp fangs. This is precisely … Read more

10 actors who appeared in the Twilight saga and you did not remember

Summit Entertainment More than 10 years ago we immersed ourselves for the first time in one of the fantastic sagas that marked an entire generation: Twilight. During five films and with the help of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black we enjoyed this world of vampires and werewolves created by Stephenie Meyer. Summit Entertainment … Read more

Taken | Where to watch the saga in streaming | “Relentless Pursuit” on Star +: Why do we love the action saga with Liam Neeson so much? | SKIP-ENTER

According to the criteria of Know more Any action movie fan under 40 has almost the same favorite actors. From Denzel Washington with his saga “The Justiciero”, to Keanu Reeves with “John Wick”, passing, of course, by Vin Diesel in any of his appearances on “Fast and Furious.” However, for those who have one of … Read more

The story of Fire Saga ‘

This year we were left without Eurovision because of the coronavirus crisis, but lovers of the legendary song contest found comfort in Netflix thanks to Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. The musical comedy landed last Friday with the unanimous disapproval of the critics (it is as surreal as the contest itself) but … Read more