actor says homoparental couple will save lives

Eternals: actor says homoparental couple will save lives Marvel fans should be very excited about the critics’ first reactions to Eternals, the newest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, directed by Oscar winner Chloé Zhao. According to some tweets from critics, Eternals It is epic and huge, ambitious and very different from what Marvel Studios … Read more

Scary movie fans save the date for 2 new Wilmington-made horror films

In addition to the Friday release of Wilmington-shot slasher flick “Halloween Kills,” horror fans got first looks this week at two other scary movies made in the Port City. Tuesday saw the release of the trailer for the latest movie in the popular “Scream” series, which shot in in Wilmington in 2020. As of Wednesday, … Read more

14 DC Movies That Will Be Released In 2020 That Will Seek To Save The Franchise

There are those who believe that DC has not been able to collect in the competition of superhero films, without blocking, this franchise has made an effort and has given us great tapes in recent years. Of course, they have not been as numerous and successful as those of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which … Read more

The analysis, in the style of poker, with which actor Edward Norton reveals Trump’s strategy to “save his butt”

Actor Edward Norton, famous for his performance in the movie ‘Fight Club’ and other films, posted on his Twitter account a reflection and a call to action in relation to the president’s refusal Donald Trump to accept that he lost the November 3 election to Democrat Joe Biden, to his stubbornness to allege without evidence … Read more

Piers Morgan issues ‘come and save me’ plea as he sets sights on Corrie role – nonenglishfeed

Piers Morgan has issued a come and get me plea to Coronation Street bosses. The gobby presenter reckons he’d be perfect for the ITV soap and wants to cause chaos. He revealed his dream would be to play the show’s new womaniser. He told the Daily Star Sunday: “I’d love to be a soap star … Read more

They exchanged fame to save the planet

For many celebrities, reflectors, cameras and being the center of attention are not their thing and they prefer to use their fame and fortune in other altruistic activities, to the point where his artistic career is in the background by defend the planet and its biodiversity. Next, we mention the stars who have fought the … Read more

Women save the galaxy in “Foundation”

For the actress Leah Harvey, “Foundation” is just another series of Science fiction portraying human survival in the middle of an era between robots and intergalactic wars, It is one where women fight to change their destiny, roles that the actress highlights, before they were only carried out by men. “Women are powerful, they can … Read more

We Need Oscars to Save Movies That Only Get Made Because Oscars Exist

The Oscars are much more than shallow red carpets and entitled narcissists; the film industry’s ecosystem is at stake. IndieWire turns 25 this year. To mark the occasion, we’re running a series of essays about the future of everything we cover. It’s sport to make fun of the Oscars and, after April’s anemic pandemic show, … Read more

Daredevil: Vincent D’Onofrio asks fans to sign the petition to save the series

Several months have passed since Daredevil’s cancellation – 93% on Netflix, a fact that left many fans of the Marvel series on the platform heartbroken. But sadness is also accompanied by anger, and the superhero’s followers refuse to give up the illusion of seeing the Fearless Man return; That is why the #SaveDaredevil petition came … Read more