‘Dune’ hits theaters, a science fiction show

Denis Villeneuve directs the new adaptation of the science fiction novel ‘Dune’, with a spectacular cast. It shines between the offer of novelties’ Dune ‘, the new version of the best-selling science fiction novel, along with the Spanish comedies’ Sevillanas de Brooklyn’ and ‘El club del paro’ and other proposals such as’ Lazos’, ‘Ninja in … Read more

RoboCop, the officer on the streets of science fiction

Science fiction, as a genre and definition, has evolved over the years, decades, and even centuries. Centuries? Well yes, since this concept goes back to literature and not only to cinema, as it is usually associated with. Well, Jules Verne had imagined underwater trips or trips around the world when man was not even capable … Read more

Alan Tudyk: “People tell me ‘I’m not a fan of science fiction, but I like’ Resident Alien ‘”

Alan Tudyk, actor known among other things for ‘Firefly’ and ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, premieres a new science fiction series on SYFY, the Mystery comedy-drama ‘Resident Alien’, based on the Dark Horse comic book of the same name. tudyk of life to Harry Vanderspeigle, an alien who comes to Earth to carry out … Read more

15 science fiction movies that we can see on Netflix right now and that are Jared’s favorites

In 1902 Georges Méliès traveled to the moon with his silent films and with it he began, almost without knowing it, one of the most prolific genres of cinema today, science fiction. Netflix has in its catalog numerous films of the genre with futuristic dystopias, monsters, space and time travel, robots, aliens and superheroes, and … Read more

13 great science fiction series and movies that you can see on Disney + (and that are not Marvel or Star Wars)

When Disney + landed in Spain, we did a little over a year an exhaustive review of its entire catalog in search of jewels that did not come from its two most successful franchises. We found a good number of classics and cult films, but it is that over time and the Disney + catalog … Read more