Olomouc – Zlín 4: 0, Flawless Konrad erupted the Beran scorer – Sport.cz

Olomouc Zlin 4 0 Flawless Konrad erupted the Beran

The home team took the lead in the 4th minute thanks to the first offensive formation, which created a big barrier in front of Kašík and Tomeček made it to the finish line. He could immediately increase in the power play Krejčí, but this time the Zlín goalkeeper intervened well. Another great chance came in … Read more

Bonucci top scorer: “Penalty in blue? Ready to throw them, but the penalty taker is Jorginho “

Bonucci top scorer Penalty in blue Ready to throw them

The Juve defender in his first two goals in his career: “If he had asked me I would have shot him without problems. What if it is needed in the future? I will definitely be there “ “A week ago the penalty taker was Jorginho, it was right that he shot him”. The first brace … Read more