We’ve built a sensational gaming system that’s also great for movies and TV

Weve built a sensational gaming system thats also great for

Gaming is a massive business and a major part of many people’s lives and enjoyment. It makes sense, then, for us to build you a system that is a fine home cinema system in its own right, but that is also absolutely perfect as a bespoke gaming set-up. For this particular system, we’re bringing into … Read more

Sensational: Ghana eliminated from the Comoros. Gabon in the second round

Sensational Ghana eliminated from the Comoros Gabon in the second

For 16 years the Ghanaians have not been out in the groups. First victory for the Comorians, who hope for a repechage among the best thirds. Hakimi show: Morocco passes the group from first and expects one of the best third. The Panthers will face Burkina Faso It had been 16 years since Ghana had … Read more

Curry says 33 but he is not alone: ​​the Warriors beat Phoenix in a sensational match

Curry says 33 but he is not alone ​​the Warriors

More please. Phoenix-Golden State is all it needs to be, the best match of Christmas, a spectacular match between the two best NBA teams seen up to this point. Wins Golden State, 116-107, with Steph Curry the star of 33 points. But the Suns obscures them Otto Porter, decisive in the final. Clamorous game of … Read more

Minnesota flies with Cook. Pittsburgh, the sensational comeback vanishes at the last minute

Minnesota flies with Cook Pittsburgh the sensational comeback vanishes at

In anticipation of the 14th day, the Vikings go up 29-0 with an irrepressible running back. The Steelers re-enter the game in the 4th period and only a lack of reception on the last pitch denies them the extra time Vikings love to live dangerously. Minnesota beats Pittsburgh at the last second on Thursday Night … Read more

Sensational: Virtus Bologna also crashes in Tortona

Sensational Virtus Bologna also crashes in Tortona

After Naples, the Italian champions fall against another freshman. A 3 ”Visconti basket gives Brindisi the victory over Venice. Trieste too ok TORTONA-VIRTUS 93-76In the game with an apparently obvious prediction, Italian champions against newly promoted rookie in Serie A, Derthona breaks the taboo of the first home victory by forcing a little determined and … Read more