Hugh Grant revealed why he was away from the cinema for seven years: “Hollywood erased me”

Sharp and direct, Hugh Grant assured that the years in which he stopped acting had a reason: “Hollywood erased me”, said. The British actor thus revealed why for seven years, he was away from the cinema and that the stage of being a very well paid actor suddenly vanished. However, he also said that this … Read more

Morgan Freeman turns 84 and celebrates with a new series – Come and See

Morgan Freeman celebrated his 84th anniversary on Tuesday that made him one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood, with important awards and films of all styles in his long career. With an imposing voice and an always warm presence, Freeman was born on June 1, 1937 in Memphis, United States. Throughout his acting career … Read more

Seven curiosities about Dylan Minnette, the new trendy actor

The young actor Dylan Minnette He has been doing his first steps in film and television for some time. But his big moment has come thanks to the series of NetflixFor thirteen reasons, the controversial series that has conquered half the world and has outraged the other half for its strong themes and the intense … Read more

5 keys to ‘the Killing’, the television ‘Seven’ that comes to Disney +

Disney + adds to its catalog the four seasons of ‘The Killing’, the North American adaptation of one of the greats of ‘Nordic Noir’. We review the keys that made this version one of the best criminal series that have reached our screens in recent years. By Series lists – 29 Jul 2021 Bail, Source … Read more