Nardi wins in Forlì: “Now I’m more aware. The dream is to play a Grand Slam”

Nardi wins in Forli Now Im more aware The dream

In Romagna the first joy of the Pesaro, who in the footsteps of Musetti and Sinner tells expectations, dreams and realities on and off the pitch Arianna Nardi January 10 – Milano Not only Sinner and Musetti: Luca Nardi is also making noise in tennis Italy. Pesarese, born in 2003, defines himself as a sociable … Read more

Four Hills Tournament: Violinist third in the final – Kobayashi missed the double Grand Slam

Four Hills Tournament Violinist third in the final Kobayashi

The Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi missed a historic moment. The 25-year-old won the tour well – he could also have been the first jumper to win all four competitions of a tour for the second time. Kobayashi was only fifth (133.5 / 133.5 meters). With that, the World Cup leader flew on his second Grand Slam … Read more

4 Trampolines, ‘Icaro’ Kobayashi returns king but without Grand Slam

4 Trampolines Icaro Kobayashi returns king but without Grand Slam

A tournament that is worth Olympic gold to many. The Japanese phenomenon after the victories in the first 3 stages is only 5th in Bischofshofen where the Austrian Huer wins for the first time Stefano Arcobelli @sarcobelli January 6 – Milano Grand final with surprise, no second Grand Slam. The 4 Trampolines tournament – Oberstdorf, … Read more

Zverev, how strange: according to Masters, but still zero titles in the Grand Slam

Zverev how strange according to Masters but still zero titles

Curious record shared with Lendl who won two before conquering Roland Garros in 1984. For the German, who repeats the victory of 2018, it is the 19th career tournament, arriving in the third shortest final in history Turin greets Alexander Zverev, new master of masters, champion at the Nitto ATP Finals 2021 thanks to the … Read more