“The Solution Is Around Us”

Diego Luna returns with more episodes of Amazon Prime Video’s Bread and Circus, a two-time Emmy Award-winning series that sees the actor share a meal with strangers to discuss various topics that are critical to the world at large from a Mexican perspective. More from Deadline Due to the pandemic (and not because of his … Read more

Botox, solution or curse ?: the swollen faces of the show business

What did you do to yourself, Ricky? The question hit social media this week after Ricky Martin, a man of almost divine qualities, appeared in an interview disfigured. Ricky appeared with several great figures of music in a promotional event that marks his return to live, at the MGM Gran Garden in Las Vegas, and … Read more

Phillips on Their Hybrid AM Solution and Work with Meltio

More and more, we are seeing industries adopting additive manufacturing. In these new sectors, one of the common ways to integrate AM technologies is through some kind of hybrid solution. In other words, a solution that has both subtractive (or traditional methods like CNC machining) and additive manufacturing components. The most recent company to adopt … Read more

An exclusive look at the “Two-State Solution Act” – nonenglishfeed

With help from Daniel Lippman and Paul McLeary Rep. Andy Levin (D-Mich.) wants a two-state solution to be official U.S. policy. | Samuel Corum/Getty Images Welcome to National Security Daily, your guide to the global events roiling Washington and keeping the administration up at night. As we continue our 10th week here at NatSec Daily, … Read more

Suicide Squad comics reveal how dead movie characters resurr…

(MENAFN – BreezyScroll) The ultimate solution to how dead movie characters resurrect in the Suicide Squad movie is out in the Suicide Squad comic. Both Suicide Squad films had a high body count. In Suicide Squad #7, out today in print and digital, the comic book counterparts of the films travel to Hell—and readers find … Read more