Will Smith’s Video Gets Derailed After His Followers Solely Focus on His Background Sounds

Will Smith‘s autograph video on Oct. 13 got sidetracked after fans pointed out the music playing in the background. In the recording, Smith signed blank pages that would be added to certain copies of his upcoming memoir titled “Will” while listening a song by his daughter Willow Smith. The track “Meet Me at Our Spot” … Read more

Your face sounds familiar to me: Paul Giamatti

Surely it has happened to many more than once that they recognize a face when watching a movie, relating it to that other they saw recently, and yet when they are asked the name of the actor or actress, they get poker face. Although Paul Giamatti He has a quite recognizable face, the situation described … Read more

Your face sounds familiar to me: Rodrigo Santoro, from ‘300’ to ‘Lost’

Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro, whom we have seen with roles of greater or lesser importance in various blockbusters or high-budget series, came to the world of acting while studying journalism in his native country. The soap operas of the Globo network served as a springboard for him to earn his first job in Brazilian cinema (‘Bicho … Read more

Celestial Sounds with Composer Hans Zimmer

The new adaptation of Dune promises to be an epic, galactic journey. Based on Frank Herbert’s 1965 science-fiction novel, Dune attracted some of the best movie talents in Hollywood, including director Denis Villeneuve. To bring the story to life, prolific composer Hans Zimmer created a sound that fits the plot’s grandeur. ‘Dune’: love of a … Read more

Your face sounds familiar to me: How do you know Charlie Day?

Can you hear that shrill sound that is heard in the distance? He is the voice of Charlie Day in any of his projects for film and television. If you are one of those who watch movies and series in their original version, surely it is a very familiar sound for you. This is one … Read more

“Belfast”, by Kenneth Branagh, first film that sounds strongly for the Oscars 2022

Born precisely in the capital of Northern Ireland, Kenneth Branagh has shot in black and white a film with some autobiographical overtones, about the childhood of a movie-crazy boy, Buddy, in this city in the late 1960s, when riots broke out . He plays the protagonist of Belfast the young Jude Hill, accompanied by leading … Read more

The Candyman Soundtrack Sounds Like an Epic Series of Unspeakable, Infernal Sonic Events Triggered by Unfathomable Nightmares – Slog

Compared to Lowe’s chthonic score, Philip Glass’s soundtrack for the 1992 candy man seems innocuous. Waxwork Records If you’ve seen Nia DaCosta’s acclaimed horror film candy man (which opened Aug. 27), then you couldn’t help noticing that one of the scariest characters in it was invisible: Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe’s soundtrack. Sponsored Co-written and produced … Read more

Your face sounds familiar to me: Where have you seen Noel Fisher, Mickey from ‘Shameless’ and a Ninja Turtle

It is very likely that if you hear the name of Noel Fisher, a part of you will say “yes, I know him”, at the same time that another is unable to remember his face. Surely, the cause of this is that the Canadian actor, who turns 35 this March 13, for a large part … Read more