Spider-Man: No way home will be the end of the franchise says Tom Holland

The end is part of the journey Marvel has told us since Avengers: Endgame – 95%. And it seems that the conclusion is nearing for Tom Holland and his version of Spider-Man. According to a new statement by the young actor, the next installment in the saga, which will be titled Spider-Man: No Road Home, … Read more

Tom Holland drives his fans crazy with viral video playing guitar

At just 24 years old, Tom Holland has become one of the most loved and sought-after youth stars in the entertainment industry. His fan base is absolutely impressive, with countless fans following in his footsteps wherever he goes. Now, the protagonist of Spider-Man: Far From Home – 82% once again cause madness on social networks … Read more

Tom Holland and Zendaya romance timeline

Marvel After years of rumors, the romance between Zendaya and Tom Holland was confirmed. Learn about the chronology of their relationship that went from friendship to one of the most coveted couples in Hollywood. By Nicolas Franciulli 03-07-2021 – 18:33hs UTC © GettyFrom friendship to romance: timeline of the relationship between Zendaya and Tom Holland … Read more

Bryan Cranston could be the main candidate to play Norman Osborn in the MCU

Before the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the most important characters for the Marvel Comics franchise was Spider-Man accompanied by the super villain Norman Osborn, also known as the Green Goblin. Although the young arachnid has many villains to face, it has been this sociopathic millionaire who has stood out the most … Read more

6 FUN facts about Spider Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland that might shock you

You probably know Tom Holland as one of the Marvel actors, or if you’re a fan of superhero movies, you definitely know him as Spider-Man. The actor, 25, started performing from the time he was only 8 years old, and went through some tough times, to be who he is now – our favourite Peter … Read more

“Spiderman 3”: Why Venom’s Film Debut Was a Flop? | Spider-Man | Marvel | Sam Raimi | Tobey Maguire | Tom Hardy | Sony Pictures | LIGHTS

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Kathryn Hahn: from going unnoticed to being the villain Agatha Harkness in “WandaVision” | TVMAS

WandaVision just released its seventh episode and Kathryn Hahn’s antagonistic role as Agatha Harkness did not go unnoticed among Marvel fans. After seeing Agnes as the kind caretaker of Wanda and Vision’s children, the true face of this malevolent character finally came out, showing the leading couple that they are not the only ones with … Read more

Tony Revolori: Spider-Man’s Latin bully who wants to “deprogram” Hollywood

Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, a role previously played by white actors / Web Tony Revolori, the lone bellboy in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, the comfortable young man in “Dope” and Peter Parker’s unfriendly rival in the new Spider-Man saga, affirms that Hollywood must be “deprogrammed” in terms of the idea. of what it is … Read more

Andrew Garfield again denies his involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home

The Internet has become one of the most accessible means of obtaining information about what the public likes, as well as important previews of things they have been waiting for, such as the most popular films today. However, in the same way that information is becoming more accessible, there is also the possibility of stumbling … Read more

MARVEL’S HIT-MONKEY Could Still Tie-In With MARVEL’S M.O.D.O.K. Despite Their Scrapped THE OFFENDERS Crossover

These days Marvel has so many movies and shows that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Just this week, it was revealed that Marvel Studios currently has thirty projects in production; still, the Marvel Cinematic Universe outings like Spider-Man: No Way Home, Eternals, Hawkeye, What If…?, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of … Read more