‘Fast 9’ director had ‘multiple meetings’ over adding a character’s broken nose to the movie to honor ‘the spirit of Brian’ for fans

“F9” features the brief return of FBI agent Michael Stasiak featuring a very broken nose. On the film’s commentary, director Justin Lin says that was a purposeful nod to Brian (Paul Walker). “It was a really fun nod to his relationship and the connection to Brian O’Conner,” said Lin. One of the best Easter eggs … Read more

Young Diana: The Unbroken Spirit Of Girls & Wild Goddesses

The scenes of young Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984 moved me to tears.  It wasn’t the special effects, the scenery, or the script.  It was the fierce spirit of a girl, uncrushed by external society, played perfectly by Lily Aspell. Young Diana Prince, played by Lily Aspell, copyright Warner Bros Pictures, RatPac Entertainment, and … Read more