What’s to watch on CCC Go, Disney +, Starzplay, Directv Go, Amazon Prime, and Cine.Ar

CCC GO Catch Me If You Can (star action, at 7:40 pm) Based on a true story. In the 1960s, Frank W. Abagnale was an elusive young criminal who adopted various identities (doctor, lawyer or airline co-pilot). Carl Hanratty, an FBI agent, was on a mission to track him down and capture him to bring … Read more

115 series, movies and documentaries on Netflix, Amazon, Disney +, Movistar +, Filmin, Apple TV + and Starzplay

New Wednesday, something gray where I live, so it is a more than appropriate climate for as soon as I finish work to start watching things in streaming. So, like every week, we are going to review the next releases. Specifically, we have counted 115 series, films and documentaries that reach Netflix, Filmin, Amazon Prime … Read more

What to see on CCC Go, Netflix, Mubi, Star + and Starzplay

CCC GO Within these walls (Star Cinema, a las 20.30) Mel has decided to end her relationship with Ben. After several years, she feels that she needs to live alone with her daughter, but her ex-partner is not resigned to leaving home. Strange events invade a single mother after she breaks up with her boyfriend. … Read more

This is ‘Hightown’, the police series that goes beyond the norm and that arrives with the second season on Starzplay

Starzplay premieres the second season of ‘Hightown’, fiction that belongs to the crime genre and that, however, is not the series that you imagine starting with its protagonist Jackie Quinones who, in fact, is not even a police officer. By Maria G. Lomas – 15 Oct 2021 Innovating with a series of the police genre … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Watch the trailer for MalaYerba, a new series about the legal sale of cannabis

If there is something wrong with the Latin television panorama, it is an abuse of stories about drug trafficking. And while it is correct that the region is plagued by these issues, it is always appreciated when a title tries to find new ways to address certain topics. That seems to be the case with … Read more

CULTURA / STARZPLAY launches poster and official trailer for the long-awaited second season of the hit series HIGHTOWN

STARZPLAY, STARZ’s international premium streaming service, presents the official poster and trailer for the second season of their hit “Hightown,” which will premiere on Sunday, October 17. The series will air on the platform throughout Europe, Latin America and Japan, with new episodes available every Sunday. Emmy® Award-winning Jerry Bruckheimer (from the Pirates of the … Read more

a ‘thriller’ with another kind of heroine

Hightown  ★★★ Address: Rachel Morrison, Michael Offer and others Distribution: Monica Raymund, Riley Voelkel, James Badge Dale, Shane Harper Country: USA Platform: Starzplay Duration: 8 episodes Year: 2020 Gender: Drama criminal Premiere: May 17, 2020 The self-destructive policeman is a familiar figure on television, but not so much the self-destructive policeman, and less so if he … Read more

INTERNACIONAL / STARZPLAY announces the cast of the new original series BECOMING ELIZABETH

Romola Garai, Jessica Raine, Tom Cullen and Bella Ramsey are among the all-star cast joining previously announced Alicia Von Rittberg in the new drama that tells the untold story of the early life of England’s most iconic queen. Acerca de  “Becoming Elizabeth” · “Becoming Elizabeth” is the fascinating and unknown story of the first years … Read more

The 10 best romantic series you can watch on Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Disney + and Starzplay

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What’s to watch on CCC Go, Amazon Prime, Mubi, Qubit, Starzplay, and Paramount +

CCC GO Reds (Star Classics, at 12:20) It is based on the life of the journalist and writer John Reed, who in his book “Ten Days That Shook the World” narrated the Russian Revolution of 1917. Journalist and activist, Reed struggles to impose his ideals on the tumultuous America of 1915. You will meet Louise … Read more