He went to watch an ice hockey game, noticed something strange on a coach’s neck, and saved his life

He went to watch an ice hockey game noticed something

Last October Seattle Kraken and Vancouver Canucks met in the United States (USA TODAY Sports) On October 23, life changed for Brian Red Hamilton, a former ice hockey player who currently works as an assistant to the Vancouver Canucks, a franchise of the NHL, the North American league. During a game that night at the … Read more

Ibra and Messias, the strange couple. Zlatan: “Now it’s my turn to renew”. Junior: “To Milan for merit”

Ibra and Messias the strange couple Zlatan Now its my

The Swede: “How can you change like this in just two years? Ibra brings you magic”. The Brazilian: “The time has passed to talk about fairy tales and what I used to do. Now we need to talk about what I’m doing now on the pitch “ Marco Pasotto 2 December – Milano It may … Read more

Zverev, how strange: according to Masters, but still zero titles in the Grand Slam

Zverev how strange according to Masters but still zero titles

Curious record shared with Lendl who won two before conquering Roland Garros in 1984. For the German, who repeats the victory of 2018, it is the 19th career tournament, arriving in the third shortest final in history Turin greets Alexander Zverev, new master of masters, champion at the Nitto ATP Finals 2021 thanks to the … Read more