Travaglio at La7: “Draghi’s no to questions about Quirinale? Stuff from North Korea. He would have done better not to hold the press conference ”- Il Fatto Quotidiano

Travaglio at La7 Draghis no to questions about Quirinale Stuff

“I believe it is legitimate to answer whatever you want with the questions asked, but asking reporters not to do them is not. It’s North Korea stuff, not as a Western liberal democracy and a free country “. Thus, a “Half past eight” (La7), the director of Daily fact, Marco Travaglio, comments on the no … Read more

Criticism of “Police Call 110: Hermann” from Brandenburg: “Heavy stuff”

Criticism of Police Call 110 Hermann from Brandenburg Heavy stuff

The criticism of “Polizeiruf 110: Hermann” yesterday is very divided. The history of coming to terms with the Nazis only worked to a limited extent as a framework for a crime thriller. The press reviews. Im “Police Call 110” determined Adam Raczek (Lucas Gregorowicz) yesterday alone. His colleague Olga Lenski (Maria Simon) quit her job … Read more