James Gunn’s Kooky 2000 Superhero Movie Foreshadowed His MCU & DCEU Success

Before he found success in the MCU and DCEU, James Gunn broke into Hollywood with a low-budget independent superhero movie called The Specials. While he’s now renowned for his success working with both the MCU and DCEU, filmmaker James Gunn first broke into Hollywood with an independent superhero movie called The Specials. Released in 2000, … Read more

Why does Disney consider Shang-Chi a success? – nonenglishfeed

Officially Shang-Chi is the fourth highest grossing film in Hollywood 2021 Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings from Marvel returned to dominate the box office in USA, when collecting 35.8 million dollars in your second weekend On cinemas. Although its box office went down 53% since its debut, holds up better than other … Read more

Rose Byrne: “Fame and success do not reveal who you are, but who you are” | Celebrities

Rose Byrne (Balmain, Australia, 41 years old) laughs every time the question turns a bit towards the personal, to want to know more about her and her opinions to get out of the questions about her characters and projects. He gives a nervous, friendly giggle across the Zoom (no camera) answering from Sydney. If in … Read more

Bill Hader, the man behind Barry’s killer success

It appeared without noise and ended up making more noise than the big tanks of the year. Barry, the mini-series that HBO premiered last year, debuted with a first season that filled everyone with praise and awards, but especially Bill Hader. The comedian, veteran of the legendary show Saturday Night LiveAt the age of 40, … Read more

Los Angeles Outfest 2021 film festival, a glittering success

‘God’s Own Country’ is one of many queer films featured on Outfest’s new streaming platform, Outfest Now. (Photo courtesy Orion Pictures) When John Ramirez and Stuart Timmons started an on-campus gay film festival at UCLA in 1979, they would not have been able to imagine that, 41 years later, it would be showcasing the work … Read more