‘Keto’ molecule may be useful in preventing and treating colorectal most cancers, study suggests

Journal Reference: Oxana Dmitrieva-Posocco, Andrea C. Wong, Patrick Lundgren, Aleksandra M. Golos, Hélène C. Descamps, Lenka Dohnalová, Zvi Cramer, Yuhua Tian, Brian Yueh, Onur Eskiocak, Gabor Egervari, Yemin Lan, Jinping Liu, Jiaxin Fan, Jihee Kim, Bhoomi Madhu, Kai Markus Schneider, Svetlana Khoziainova, Natalia Andreeva, Qiaohong Wang, Ning Li, Emma E. Furth, Will Bailis, Judith R. … Read more

Study suggests tree-filled spaces are more favorable to child development than paved or grassy surfaces

Journal Reference: Ingrid Jarvis, Hind Sbihi, Zoë Davis, Michael Brauer, Agatha Czekajlo, Hugh W. Davies, Sarah E. Gergel, Martin Guhn, Michael Jerrett, Mieke Koehoorn, Lorien Nesbitt, Tim F. Oberlander, Jason Su, Matilda van den Bosch. The influence of early-life residential exposure to different vegetation types and paved surfaces on early childhood development: A population-based birth … Read more

New evidence suggests California’s environmental policies preferentially protect whites

Journal Reference: Richard Bluhm, Pascal Polonik, Kyle S. Hemes, Luke C. Sanford, Susanne A. Benz, Morgan C. Levy, Katharine L. Ricke, Jennifer A. Burney. Disparate air pollution reductions during California’s COVID-19 economic shutdown. Nature Sustainability, 2022; DOI: 10.1038/s41893-022-00856-1 The study published in the journal Nature Sustainability suggests California’s environmental regulations as a whole preferentially protect … Read more

The art of smell: Research suggests the brain processes smell both like a painting and a symphony

Journal Reference: Zhen Chen, Krishnan Padmanabhan. Top-down feedback enables flexible coding strategies in the olfactory cortex. Cell Reports, 2022; 38 (12): 110545 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2022.110545 “These findings reveal a core principle of the nervous system, flexibility in the kinds of calculations the brain makes to represent aspects of the sensory world,” said Krishnan Padmanabhan, Ph.D., an … Read more

Audio files are being used as ‘digital medication’, survey suggests

Journal Reference: Monica J. Barratt, Alexia Maddox, Naomi Smith, Jenny L. Davis, Lachlan Goold, Adam R. Winstock, Jason A. Ferris. Who uses digital drugs? An international survey of ‘binaural beat’ consumers. Drug and Alcohol Review, 2022; DOI: 10.1111/dar.13464 It’s claimed binaural beats can have a psychoactive effect on the brain, although there’s limited research on … Read more

Stroke treatments safe and effective for people with existing disability or dementia, study suggests

Journal Reference: Aravind Ganesh, Justin F. Fraser, Gillian L. Gordon Perue, Sepideh Amin-Hanjani, Thabele M. Leslie-Mazwi, Steven M. Greenberg, Philippe Couillard, Negar Asdaghi, Mayank Goyal. Endovascular Treatment and Thrombolysis for Acute Ischemic Stroke in Patients With Premorbid Disability or Dementia: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. Stroke, 2022; DOI: 10.1161/STR.0000000000000406 The … Read more

Study suggests association between consuming artificial sweeteners and increased cancer risk

Journal Reference: Charlotte Debras, Eloi Chazelas, Bernard Srour, Nathalie Druesne-Pecollo, Younes Esseddik, Fabien Szabo de Edelenyi, Cédric Agaësse, Alexandre De Sa, Rebecca Lutchia, Stéphane Gigandet, Inge Huybrechts, Chantal Julia, Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot, Benjamin Allès, Valentina A. Andreeva, Pilar Galan, Serge Hercberg, Mélanie Deschasaux-Tanguy, Mathilde Touvier. Artificial sweeteners and cancer risk: Results from the NutriNet-Santé population-based cohort … Read more

Research suggests interrupting immune response improves multiple sclerosis outcomes

Journal Reference: Kelly L. Monaghan, Drake Aesoph, Amanda G. Ammer, Wen Zheng, Shokofeh Rahimpour, Breanne Y. Farris, Camille A. Spinner, Peng Li, Jian-Xin Lin, Zu-Xi Yu, Vanja Lazarevic, Gangqing Hu, Warren J. Leonard, Edwin C. K. Wan. Tetramerization of STAT5 promotes autoimmune-mediated neuroinflammation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2021; 118 (52) DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2116256118 … Read more

Comet 67P’s abundant oxygen more of an phantasm, new study suggests

Journal Reference: Adrienn Luspay-Kuti, Olivier Mousis, Françoise Pauzat, Ozge Ozgurel, Yves Ellinger, Jonathan I. Lunine, Stephen A. Fuselier, Kathleen E. Mandt, Karlheinz J. Trattner, Steven M. Petrinec. Dual storage and release of molecular oxygen in comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. Nature Astronomy, 2022; DOI: 10.1038/s41550-022-01614-1 A new analysis, however, led by planetary scientist Adrienn Luspay-Kuti at the Johns … Read more

Continuing face mask use could save U.S. billions of dollars, study suggests

Journal Reference: Sarah M Bartsch, Kelly J O’Shea, Kevin L Chin, Ulrich Strych, Marie C Ferguson, Maria Elena Bottazzi, Patrick T Wedlock, Sarah N Cox, Sheryl S Siegmund, Peter J Hotez, Bruce Y Lee. Maintaining face mask use before and after achieving different COVID-19 vaccination coverage levels: a modelling study. The Lancet Public Health, 2022; … Read more