Internet fought over alleged “cancellation” of John Cena for homophobia

In these times, it is not uncommon to hear about a famous figure being “canceled” by comments made in the past, fragments of old interviews or old publications that come to light, and that the Internet of today does not see with a good face. This time around, it’s John Cena, the WWE star and … Read more

Suicide Squad 2: Jai Courtney to return as Captain Boomerang

Suicide Squad – 25% was not the success that you would have hoped for, but it was not a complete blunder either. Although most of the compliments it received referred to the characters of Margot Robbie and Will Smith, the reboot / sequel that will be under the command of James Gunn is perhaps one … Read more

Peacemaker will have more scenes of John Cena in panties

Although The Suicide Squad – 91% did not obtain the expected earnings, the truth is that it was not bad at the box office considering the conditions of its premiere. In addition, the film was very well received by fans and specialized critics thanks to its successful humor and moments of extreme violence that place … Read more

The suicide squad | Top reviews, reviews and ratings

Written and directed by James Gunn (also director of films such as Crawling Creatures – 86%, from 2006; Guardians of the Galaxy – 91%, from 2014; and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – 82%, of 2017) The suicide squad – 91% (The Suicide Squad) is the new adaptation of the original characters from DC … Read more

Dave Bautista says it broke his heart to turn down James Gunn for Zack Snyder

Some directors achieve a certain brotherhood with several of the actors with whom they work, and this is reflected in their constant presence in their different films. One of the most recognized cases in the cinema is that of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, although in recent years they have not done much together. On … Read more

James Gunn recommends eating less meat and eating more insects

James Gunn is one of the most interesting directors today. Its beginnings were in horror projects, and although in recent years it changed that genre to dedicate itself to comic book adaptations, it has definitely managed to stand out. Marvel and his UCM They’re already established enough to survive if any of their tapes fail, … Read more

Ben Affleck ruined the Batman franchise, says George Clooney

Few are in doubt when asked which is the worst Batman we’ve ever had. George Clooney earned that “honor” with his performance in Batman & Robin – 11%, although it may not be the fault of his performance, but of a script and an aesthetic that seem contrary to the Bat Man. After Batman – … Read more

The Suicide Squad will be full of gore and sexual perversion says Joel Kinnaman

If they thought the DCEU wouldn’t get any rougher than Zack Snyder’s Justice League, they seem to be wrong. Actor Joel Kinnaman says that The Suicide Squad, the film for that franchise that James Gunn is preparing, will have an R rating or at least that is what the script gave them to understand. The … Read more

Will Smith wants to play Deadshot again and is glad he was not replaced in The Suicide Squad

In 2016 Suicide Squad – 25% was one of the most anticipated films thanks to the characters that it would bring to the DCEU, and the way in which they managed to sell the film through the advances that managed to become a peculiar choreography between peak moments of the characters and one of the … Read more

Deadpool creator makes misogynistic criticism of Birds of Prey and burns it in networks

Harley Quinn’s solo film, where the superheroines known as Birds of Prey appear as secondary characters, has surprised everyone because it failed to meet box office box office expectations and is already shaping up to be the first failure of Warner Bros. in this anus. Rob Liefeld, a comic book writer famous for being the … Read more