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Watching Movies Fantastic Beasts The Secrets of Dumbledore The

By Bob Garver Unlike the 8-movie “Harry Potter” series, the “Fantastic Beasts” sector of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World has never been able to quite get off the ground. Maybe it’s because audiences find it hard to get behind skittish protagonist Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) as a hero. Maybe it’s because of all the bad press … Read more

Solar cell keeps working long after sun sets

Journal Reference: Sid Assawaworrarit, Zunaid Omair, Shanhui Fan. Nighttime electric power generation at a density of 50 mW/m2 via radiative cooling of a photovoltaic cell. Applied Physics Letters, 2022; 120 (14): 143901 DOI: 10.1063/5.0085205 In Applied Physics Letters, by AIP Publishing, researchers from Stanford University constructed a photovoltaic cell that harvests energy from the environment during … Read more

When did the clocks go forward in 2022? – The Sun – News 24 | News in France and abroad

When did the clocks go forward in 2022 The

British Summer Time begins when the clocks go forward each March. The date the clocks change is different every year, here we explain when the BST started in 2022. The clocks always go forward in the springCredit: Getty – Contributor When did the clocks go forward in 2022? Every year in the UK our clocks … Read more

Nearby star could help explain why our Sun didn’t have sunspots for 70 years

Journal Reference: Anna C. Baum, Jason T. Wright, Jacob K. Luhn, Howard Isaacson. Five Decades of Chromospheric Activity in 59 Sun-like Stars and New Maunder Minimum Candidate HD 166620. The Astronomical Journal, 2022; 163 (4): 183 DOI: 10.3847/1538-3881/ac5683 The star — and a catalog of 5 decades of starspot activity of 58 other Sun-like stars … Read more

Who was Ian Huntley’s ex-girlfriend, Maxine Carr, and where is she now? – The Sun – News 24 | News in France and abroad

Who was Ian Huntleys ex girlfriend Maxine Carr and where is

FORMER teaching assistant Maxine Carr has been given a brand new identity after her attempt to help cover up her boyfriend’s double homicide. The courts decided she had no role in the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman and granted her a fresh start. Ian Huntley has accused his ex-girlfriend Maxine Carr of being … Read more

Deep neural network to find hidden turbulent motion on the sun

Journal Reference: Ryohtaroh T. Ishikawa, Motoki Nakata, Yukio Katsukawa, Youhei Masada, Tino L. Riethmüller. Multi-scale deep learning for estimating horizontal velocity fields on the solar surface. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2022; 658: A142 DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/202141743 The Sun is important to the Sustainable Development Goal of Affordable and Clean Energy, both as the source of solar power … Read more

What is NATO and what does it stand for? – The Sun – Up News Info

What is NATO and what does it stand for

NATO is a multi-country defense allegiance that is central to the international response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The measures discussed and implemented by the organization could determine whether the continent will end up going to war. NATO is a multi-country defense allegiance What is NATO and what does it represent? NATO, or North Atlantic … Read more

Watching Movies: Jackass Forever | The Sun Times News

Watching Movies Jackass Forever The Sun Times News

By Bob Garver With an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, “Jackass Forever” is more beloved than some of the movies that will soon be vying for Best Picture at the Oscars. What’s so special about this movie? It certainly isn’t that Johnny Knoxville and his crew are doing anything different with the “Jackass” template; the movie … Read more

Earth isn’t ‘tremendous’ because the sun had rings before planets

Journal Reference: Andre Izidoro, Rajdeep Dasgupta, Sean N. Raymond, Rogerio Deienno, Bertram Bitsch, Andrea Isella. Planetesimal rings as the cause of the Solar System’s planetary architecture. Nature Astronomy, 2021; DOI: 10.1038/s41550-021-01557-z “In the solar system, something happened to prevent the Earth from growing to become a much larger type of terrestrial planet called a super-Earth,” … Read more

In Augusta the Rising Sun appears: Matsuyama triumphs at the Masters

In Augusta the Rising Sun appears Matsuyama triumphs at the

The 29-year-old is the first Japanese to triumph in the most prestigious tournament in the world. I closed the 4 days with a shot of advantage over the Californian Zalatoris Augusta has her hero. His name is Hideki Matsuyama, he is 29 years old and wins Masters number 85 with a score of 278 (69-71-65-73), … Read more