DC FanDome LIVE and ONLINE: time, where to see and all the details of the most important event of DC Comics | Henry Cavill | Superman | Aquaman | The Batman | Robert Pattinson | Dwayne Johnson | Shazam | Black Adam | Gal Gadot | Warner Bros | United States | USA | USA | LIGHTS

The wait is over soon. The most important event in DC Comics, the DC Fandome, takes place this October 16 and Warner Bros will reveal all the news about the comics, television series, video games and movies of this universe. SIGHT: Can DC beat Marvel? Fandome is your golden opportunity to do it So far, … Read more

Superman Writer Thinks Zack Snyder’s Version Was Too Relatable

Action Comics writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson said he believes that Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was too relatable. The Man of Steel is the last solo Superman movie and current Action Comics writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson explained why he enjoys Christopher Reeve’s version of the hero more than the Henry Cavill-starring flick. In … Read more

Henry Cavill, who are his ex-girlfriends: the women who conquered Superman | Justice League Snyder Cut nnda nnlt | FAME

Henry Cavill, world famous for playing Superman, already has a girlfriend. The British actor announced on his Instagram account that he is no longer single and introduced his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso, to whom he dedicated a romantic message. MORE INFORMATION: Natalie Viscuso, the Hollywood executive who conquered Henry Cavill, Superman Rumors about their possible romance … Read more

Action Comics Writer Explains the Problem With Henry Cavill’s Superman

Action Comics writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson explains why he prefers Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman to Henry Cavill’s version of the hero. Action Comics writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson recently explained why he’s not a fan of Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman, and why he prefers Christopher Reeve’s take on the Man of Steel. “I have … Read more

DC Fandome | Can DC beat Marvel? Fandome is your golden opportunity to rebound | Shazam | Peacemaker | The Suicide Squad | James Gunn | Superman | Wonder Woman | The Batman | United States | Warner Bros | LIGHTS

According to the criteria of Know more Marvel and DC Comics, two opponents engaged in a seemingly eternal struggle that began in the comic book business, but has now spread to television series, video games and, more importantly, the film industry. While the supremacy of the Avengers house with its Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) – … Read more

DC’s New Superman Goes Officially Bisexual – Movie News

LGBTQ + representation in the world of superheroes continues to gain ground. On this occasion, the new DC Comics Superman has officially declared himself bisexual. Will we see this in a movie or series? One of the recurring themes within the world of superheroes is the dignified representation of LGBTQ +, which has been gaining … Read more

New Superman will be revealed as bisexual in an upcoming DC Comics issue – nonenglishfeed

DC Comics is making a bold statement with its new Superman by revealing that he is bisexual in an upcoming issue. For those unfamiliar with the current continuity of DC Comics, there are currently two heroes operating as Superman. One is Clark Kent, who originally debuted in comic books in 1938. The second is his … Read more

Superman Disproves a Major Suicide Squad Movie Criticism

In Superman and the Authority #2, the Man of Steel disproves a common fan complaint about the power level of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad team. Warning: spoilers ahead for Superman and the Authority #2! In Superman and the Authority #2, Superman disproves a big complaint that fans had about the original Suicide Squad movie. David … Read more

Changes in Superman over the years – Film and TV – Culture

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